9th 0f July 2022

Good evening, folks. I’ve edited 7740 words of the vampire book today, and then sorted through some non-writing paperwork. Then a fair bit of tidying and sorting in my office. Then I chilled out and this evening after dinner I wrote a post on my Buy Me A Coffee page. You can read it for free, here. Please click the link and have a read. As I said, it’s free to read. So please hit the link and check it out.

Even though I’ve been productive I am not sticking to my day plans, so I need to do that better. Well, I’m probably doing better than I realise. I’ve just got to do better at looking at the week plan and ticking things off as I go. I go into this a little in the Buy Me A Coffee post, in that I want to stop bouncing around so much. I feel like I can do that, but I take a little time to make these tweaks to lifestyle and working habits. I do get there in the end but it can take a little time

The highlight of the day has to be when Raven decided to bring her lunch into my office and I turned around to see her munching down on a vole. That’s why we can’t have our windows wide open!

From today’s editing.

I have invested in a Bluetooth keyboard for my iPad. I had one years ago until it got destroyed in my work bag. I’m rally impressed with this new one. It’s pretty much the size of the keyboard that I have with my iMac, but was only like £10. For that price, I thought it’s worth a punt and it’s really damn good so far.

Right, time to wrap this post up. I hope you’ve all had a super day!

2 thoughts on “9th 0f July 2022

  1. Our current cats have been indoors so long they wouldn’t know what to do with a mouse or vole if they caught one. We’re more likely to get lizards in the house anyway. Skittish little things! I’ve never been on your Buy Me A Coffee page, but I’ll go take a look!

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