10th July 2021

Good evening, folks. I got 5948 words edited on my vampire book, I also added 230 words to it as well. I shoulda got more done today. My head just isn’t in it at the moment, which is why I’m not doing a real deep edit on it. That’s also another reason why I’m kind of holding off on the zombie book.

I have also written 391 words on a new story which was more of a stream of consciousness than anything else. Maybe a little more closer to home than I’d like to admit too, but as I’ve struggled to write so much recently I’ll take anything at the moment.

I still have a dictionary/thesaurus that I use because spellcheck doesn’t always get the word I mean 😛

I’ve got a long shift tomorrow, so I’m not sure how much writing work I’ll get done. I’ll be taking my new Bluetooth keyboard and try and get some words written that way. I am struggling to write at the moment but I think I just need to try and push through it now. It’s not that it’s been too long since I was writing (finished a short story at the start of the month), but right now it feels like this struggle to write could become a serious problem with writing new stories. I can’t explain why I feel like that, it’s just a gut feeling that I need to snap out of this before it becomes a weight around my neck.

Right, I’ve got a couple other bits and pieces to get done tonight before I think about bed.

So, rock on folks! Have a good one!

2 thoughts on “10th July 2021

  1. New words v editing is always a tough one. I think for 3rd quarter I’ll finish up edits on my current story, an old novella, and an old novel (more like a re-re-rewrite for that one). Then start new words for Nano, outlining in October.

    You got more done than I did today. It’s 3:30 in the afternoon, and I’m only just now sitting down to write. (Exhausted, so took a nap, and then went on a date with the hubster.) Hope to get the rest of my story edited today, we’ll see.

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