May 29th 2018

Not much to say for the 29th, work during the day, fun writing group in the evening and that’s about it.

I’m beginning to feel like any writing I get done during the week is going to be a bonus. My day job is very busy at the moment, which is always good. But that means I’m wiped out when I get home, and weeks like this one where I’ve got two writing groups on two nights back to back mean I won’t get my head done and crack on like I normally would. I would like to find a solution to this long term. If I’m to get more completed I’ve got to work in more time to write. I talk about being tired but when I’m into the story I’m working on, that doesn’t matter. I just need to make sure I sit down and write.

I know that’s a little confusing but hey, it’s gone midnight here in the UK and I’m tired lol.


May 28th 2018

Just a quick little catch up post. I’ve missed a few days because, quite honestly a few things got away from me this last week. I have been pretty consistent writing wise and haven’t missed many days. Today it has been a very good day though. I wrote 2698 words on three different projects. Just over a thousand of those was on PE3, which is my primary project at the moment. I rolled over the 40k mark on that one today, but a good half of those will be cut. Some of this project is editing while other parts are rewriting. Any scene I rewrite gets put into a scrap file in the Scrivener file. Once I’ve got a completed draft, I’ll take those words out.

The other two projects I worked on today were a story idea I had a little while and have got a partial, hand written draft from one character’s point of view. I was never happy with that, I wasn’t able to explore certain elements writing it like that. So I’m going third person and I think that’ll work better.

The third project I’m not going to talk about. Aside from it being a potential collaboration there’s not much more I’m going to say just yet as it is in the early stages of its life.

I have a busy couple of days coming. I’ve got a writing group tomorrow night, and an extra Write-In with my local NaNoWriMo group on Wednesday. A formal ML )Municipal Liaison) is visiting and we’re all meeting up so she can come along and have a catch-up

That’s all for now. I am going to try and get back into daily posts again this week.

May 21st & 22nd 2018

I didn’t write anything yesterday (21st). No real reason, just fancied chilling out in the evening if I’m honest. Tonight I went and saw Deadpool 2 again so I’ve not had much time tonight but I did knock out 571 words on PE3 in about twenty minutes. I’m at a fun part where I’m going to do nasty, gory things to characters. So I’m really looking forward to getting stuck into that tomorrow.

Now, I’m off to bed. I cannot express how much fun the next chapter of PE3 is going to be….

May 20th 2018

This morning I cracked on and wrote 1030 words on PE3 in about two hours, and then spent just over an hour working through Beta reader notes on the short story I’ve been working on. Thats been submitted tonight to an anthology.

The rest of the day was spent chilling out. I’m liking where I’m going with PE3. One of my biggest problems with previous drafts was how much I disliked my protagonist. I think I’ve fixed that now and really like where I’ve taking his story arc.

I feel like I’m really getting into a rhythm with this story now.

May 19th 2018

I’d planned to get up early and get some words written bright and early, but I was unwell over night and just about got out of be at my normal time. After a little breakfast and half a cup of tea I fired up my desk top, but it hadn’t synchronised the Scrivener file from my laptop. So I gave up, but then thought ‘screw it’ and grabbed my laptop and cracked out 547 words in about half an hour.

Tomorrow I’m going to go through the Beta notes for the short story, and then get some words knocked out.

May 18th 2018

I’ve not written much this evening, I have added a few words but not enough in my opinion to note. This evening has been more of an editing night than a writing one. I’ve got through another scene which was mostly editing, which the next will be as well I think.

The novella/novel I’ve been working on the last ten days or so I’ll refer to in future as PE3. PE represents the first letters of the story title and the 3 is the draft. I’m determined to have this be the final draft of this story.

I have read through my Beta readers notes for the short story I recently finished. There is nothing major there except grammar (which I suck at). The only thing they mentioned was that one key bit needed a bit more oomph to it. I’m not sure how I’m going to do that just yet but I’m going to think it over for a couple of days and see what I can come up with.

So, not many words but a little progress all the same.

Episode 168 – LYNNE HANSEN — The Horror Show with Brian Keene

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