A Flash Post

Hey guys and gals I’ve not done too much writing bits in the last few days. I have made a couple of notes on The Residents and I’m looking at Project Apollo at the moment finding the spaces where I want to add the various bits that need to be added. This means another read through, but hey it’s all part of the process.
The last few weeks have been unsettled to say the least and fatigue has been hitting me harder then normal. I don’t think I’m personally going to be making a huge amount of progress for another couple of weeks. I have some time off next month and I’m going to chill out as well as spending a day or two working on writing.

I watched the movie adaptation of George Orwell’s 1984 which had John Hurt and Richard Burton in it. I really liked it. It felt like it stuck to the book quite well and seemed loyal to the message it was trying to put across.

I’m going to wrap it up hear and get some sleep. My dream is to have people enjoy what I write, I may not be where I want to be with it but I will be in time 🙂

Book Review: 1984 by George Orwell

This is one which I knew I needed to read (Okay I listened to the audiobook but its the same thing) but I hadn’t gotten round to it but a Friend mentioned Orwellian and I thought I’d get hold of it. My overall impression;


It’s such a strong, deep and dark story which is chilling in its content and the fact that so much of it has come true and is still coming true. People reporting each other for the smallest of infractions, the most powerful ignoring what they preach, cameras and other recording devices in every home (apparently the new Xbox will monitor how many people are watching a movie that is being played on it via the camera in the connect). That’s just what comes to mind as I sit here writing this still not quite awake.

In the world of 1984 history is being re-written on a daily process. Sex is frowned upon if its for any other reason then reproduction. Even owning a diary is unacceptable.

The story itself though follows a man as he goes from day to day in a mundane life with thoughts of rebelling against Big Brother (not the proxy TV show) but never really thinking further then the little rebellion of having a diary or other such acts. He suspect a young women who he keeps coming across as a member of the Thought Police and fears that she is watching him, knowing he’s having some of these rebellious thoughts. She is not what he thinks though and they go on a journey of rebellion which leads to a resistance group and;

I’ll leave the summary there as I don’t want to let slip any spoilers, but its an amazing story and quite a scary one. The lasting impression that it has left me with is just how much of it has come true. It’s s chilling tail which has really struck a nerve with me, I went out and brought the movie adaptation on Wednesday, and I’m eager to look into more or Orwell’s work. I’ve got Animal Farm somewhere.

Please consider reading this one. It’s in no way dated and should be taught in every school in the world in my opinion.