A Broken Magic by Justin R. Macumber

A Broken Magic is the follow up from A Minor Magic and tells the story of Skyla. Skyla is a teen who has the ability to use magic which was forced into our world, burning much of it in the process. The first book deals with her discovering what she can do and where her ability to use magic comes from. This second book Skyla sets off on a mission to find more like her and to try and stop the damage this other worlds magic is doing to our world; but we also see things from the point of view of Cassandra, a teen who is, essentially, a type of apprentice to someone who forced this magic on our world.

What I really found interesting with this second book was how Justin Macumber opened up the universe a little. Bringing in the point of view of Cassandra gave a different element to it and one that was a polar opposite to that of Skyla from the first book.The story was pretty good and I liked the idea of the magic that didn’t belong here and the effect it has on our planet and those here that may have magical powers. 

I believe there is a third book in mind and I’m quite looking forward to seeing where Macumber takes it. I am kind of hoping we see more of the Columbia community, that seemed rather interesting. 

A quick final note, I listened to the audiobook of this one, and the book before it, A Minor Magic. The narration and the quality of the sound was fantastic. Veronica Giguere, again, did an amazing job.