New Release: Under The Weather

Under the Weather from Burdizzo Books and Back Road Books is now out in ebook  and paperback.

In this weather-themed anthology we have stories from C.H. Baum, David Court, Paul M. Feeney, Paul Hiscock, Kitty Kane, Dave Jeffery, James Jobling, Lex H. Jones, Christoper Law, Adam Millard, Dale Robertson, Nathan Robinson, Phil Sloman, Mark Woods, and myself.

It’s compiled and edited by Matthew Cash, Em Dehaney, James Jobling, and Jeremy Peterson.

When I saw the call for this anthology it really ignited my imagination. I think I had a good half a dozen decent story ideas which after brainstorming I got it down to one that really hooked me and I had a lot of fun with. (I’ve since written another short story from elements of one of those ideas).

This is a charity anthology, so all the proceeds go to Resources For Autism.

So, Please check this anthology out. I’ve put UK and USA Amazon Links at the bottom of this post so please check this one out.


Under The Weather UK

Under The Weather USA


A Look Back To The Week

I can safely say that I have done next to no actual writing this week. I’ve done a little planning for my vampire collection, realising that I have a lot to do. I have five stories which are all but done. I just need to read through and make sure I have not made any errors and I want to clarify a detail. In the first story I do want to change part of the story which has never quite sat well with me but aside from that they are almost ready to go. I need five more though, at least. I would like to have a minimum of ten stories which tell an overall story but can be read a stand alone stories too.

On a personal note I have now written out all my cards for Christmas and I only have one last present to wrap up. So I will be very happy when that is all done.

I’m hoping to have a first draft one of the five new vampire stories done by the end of the year.