Hey, I Did A Little Writing!

At lunch today I actually wrote some new fiction 🙂 It’s been a while, since November, so it was good to get some new content on paper, but it was not much at all. Which was a bit of a slap in the face as I’ve realised how out of practice I am. Since November I have done a lot of editing and planning but next to no new writing. By that I mean sitting down and writing what’s in my head and damn I need to get rolling again. I wrote just over a hundred words by hand in twenty minutes. I used to be able to do twice that!

But anyway, I’ve decided to put of working on the first of my vampire short stories and I’m having a quick read through of the story I mentioned in my post last night. There will be no major changes but silly things like removing the over use of the word That from the body of the story and making I am happy with it, which I am but it wont hurt having this one last read through.

I finished listening to Apocalypse Z: The Beginning Of The End by Manel Loureiro. I enjoyed this more than I thought I was going to after I had gotten into it a little. The only I really did not like was the format, the story is done as a journal and I’m not a huge fan of that type of layout. That said the characters were interesting, although they did make some really daft mistakes at times, only human I guess, and the ending left it on a bit of a cliff but it still ended but with the option of another story with these characters.

Project Apollo Outline Is Done

After a fair bit of work I’ve got the outline for Project Apollo done! Well a rough outline at least. After reading through what I wrote during NaNoWriMo I’ve realised that it is not as bad as I thought. There is bits that obviously need reworking but its not going to take as much effort as I thought it was going to.
Now I’m going to type up the outline and notes and send them off to Owen to see what he thinks. Then i think it will be maybe a little more of a detailed outline and then hopefully we’ll be back on it within a couple of weeks 🙂

I’m making good process with Catching Fire which is the second of the Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins and I’ve been listening to Apocalypse Z: The Beginning Of The End by Manel Loureiro at work. I’ve got about two and half hours to go on it and I’m looking forward to seeing how it ends.

Now I’m off to type it up and email it off to Owen as I watch Star Wars 🙂