Sparks Anthology

On Monday Burdizzo Books announced their next charity Anthology ‘Sparks’. Which includes my story ‘The Last Charge’,  my first published story. This anthology focuses on stories of horror, sci-fi, fantasy and bizarro with the theme of electricity.

Obviously I am over the moon at finally being published, but even more so that it’s in an anthology that is raising money for a good cause, in this case Resources for Autism, and the awesome people involved in the anthology. From Editors Matthew Cash and Em Dehaney through to the other writers in the collection. There are some really cool people involved and I can’t wait to see what they’ve all written.

Sparks is coming soon, please like their Facebook page and Instagram for updates, I will obviously be posting here when the book is out, but please feel free to follow me on social media, the links are on the right hand side of the screen.

Sparks Cover
Cover by Matt Hill
The authors in the collection are: Ash Hartwell, Calum Chalmers, Em Dehaney, Betty Breen, Peter Germany, Lex Jones, Christopher Law, Dani Brown, Matthew Cash, Mark Cassell, Samantha Hill, CH Baum, Pippa Bailey, GH Finn and David Court.


Diving In With No Idea

A couple of times recently Tracie (My Girlfriend) has talked about the movie Shutter Island, and how much she wants to talk to me about it. Now I haven’t seen this one and Tracie dosent want to ruin it by giving anything away so she wants me to watch it. It’s based on a book though, now for me that means I want to read the book first, so I’ve got it 🙂 I need to read it quickly though because I think Tracie would really like to have this chat about this movie.
The only thing that I know of this story is the title, and that Leonardo DiCaprio is in the movie. That’s it, I know nothing else and that’s how I’m going to read the book. I’m not going to read the blurb, I’m not going to google it, nothing. All I know is that people seemed to like the movie.

I like the idea of going in blind, in this day and age we think we know everything when we rarely do, but as I’ve said, I know nothing about this book, author, movie or the director of the movie. It feels a little liberating not having preconceptions 🙂


Book Review: Blood In The Past by Jordanna East

I’m just posting a quick book review here tonight as I want to get stuck into a bit more writing tonight.


Blood In The Past by Jordanna East  is a prelude novella which tells the story of three people who’s lives cross over during times of personal suffering. Jillian falls for a married man. Lyla finds her mother dead and a young man has to deal with the loss of his father.

I couldn’t put this novella down. The story sucked me into it to the point where I was staying up late to read more of it. The characters have a lot of layers to them and I found that I could understand their pain and why they were doing what they were.

The story is well tied together and never feels rushed which I liked because each character had a good amount of time for me to get to know them. Sometimes in shorter pieces I’ve found that characters or the story do not get the attention that they deserve. Here that is not the case. The level of detail is very good as well. Jordanna East must have done a lot of research for this novella and she lays it onto the page in a way that comes through as very convincing. I learnt a fair bit from it.

As for the actual writing it is incredibly well written. If I had not of known I would never have guessed this is Jordanna East’s debut. I’ll go as far to say its better written then some bestsellers I have read. Her way with words is pure beauty.

I cannot wait for more of Ms. East’s work to be released.


Please consider clicking on the link to Jordanna East’s blog below. There she writes some interesting posts and she also has a link to purchase the novella if you like the look of it (in the U.K. it’s less then £2)

A Story In Limbo

After I put up my last post a friend of mine asked me what’s happened to Project Phoenix, and I basically said that it’s already a completed novel hat me and Owen have spoken about but it’s a long way off.
There are a number of reasons why the biggest of which is that me and Owen both have other stories that have not been told yet. Phoenix is the first thing that me and Owen ever wrote and although we have a strong belief that the story is a strong one none of our characters share that strength, nor does the world that we have created. We have both tried to reboot it a number of times to make it the story that we both want it to be, but I think that we both got tired of it and branched off into other projects. This has not been a bad thing in my opinion for both me and Owen have grown as writers and for Project Phoenix to be what we want it to be we both need to learn so much more. There is a strong military element to the story so I need to learn about the military more then I do now. I want to read a lot more military sci-fi so I know what others are doing and to inspire my own work. I also want to read some true life military writings. I’ve already read Sniper One by Sergeant Dan Mills which I found fascinating a well as Colonel Tim Collins autobiography which I also found a good read.
This story will not leave my head, each day that goes by I think of another little bit that will help the story. The protagonist in the story has no real growth, neither does the lead female character. The support characters are weak and often carbon copies of each other and definitely lack depth. We also had too many characters in the story which neither me or Owen were able to structure so that the story did not get flooded with useless characters. As I think about it we had six primary characters and thirty secondary. I have no idea why we had so many named characters but I guess that’s just an example of inexperience.
One day me and Owen will re-write this story, but that day is some way off. We want to write this story with the strength and skill that it deserves.