Preparing For Marvel’s Infinity War

Although it’s a few months away I’ve began my watch through of the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies for when Infinity War is released. My plan is to have watched all of the movies that are available on BluRay by the time Black Panther is released.

I love these movies, the way each one works on its own but is also part of that bigger picture. It’s quite exciting to be on the brink on what has been building for the last decade.

Don’t Tell Me: Guardians of the Galaxy

Through all of the talk before we saw any footage of Guardians Of The Galaxy I was excited about this movie. I know nothing about this comic book aside from it being Marvel created and that was good enough for me, oh and its directed by James Gunn.

When the trailer came out I watched it with a childlike excitement and I wasn’t disappointed. I watched it a good four, maybe even five times straight away after and pretty much screamed it from the rooftops. The characters look and come across as awesome, there seemed to be a very good sense of humour to it too. When I went and saw Captain America: The Winter Soldier they had the trailer before it and seeing it on the big screen has just made me even more eager to see it. I have decided though, that’s it. I do not want to see anymore trailers, or read any articles, or listen to any reviews about Guardians of the Galaxy until I am sitting in a cinema to see it.

Although Marvel don’t seem to do this I see a lot of trailers where the film is all but told and for Guardians of the Galaxy I want to go in with no idea of what the story is. The trailer gave us an idea of the characters and that is good enough for me.

Now all I have to do is avoid the minefield of the internet.