Good Evening, 9th of March 2021

Hey folks!

Today didn’t quite go as planned. I got a bit distracted by cleaning up our driveway (and messy!), so I only wrote 250 words today. I also cut 2500+ from this chapter of the vampire book. In this story I had to change a lot of character motivations and bring it in line more with how I want the story to go now. I also know how I’m going to end this particular episode.

A wee bit muddy!

I have got an early start tomorrow, then Thursday off. I’ve got some personal things to look at on Thursday but will also be getting this episode of the vampire book done, and then maybe onto the next one. I’ve also got to do a read through of a story for a publisher, that I’m calling Ashes at the moment but that’s going to change.

I hope everyone is having a decent day, and I’ll speak again soon!

I’d already washed my car once when I got sidetracked by cleaning the driveway (to be fair, the car needed two washes anyway!)