The quick synopsis of Snowpiercer is that after mankind has caused the earth to freeze over a scant few survivors are living on a self-sustaining train that travels around a fair chunk of the globe. It’s become it’s own world and has a community on board where the poor are all but ignored by the powers that and they want to break out of their section at the rear of the train and get to the engine. If they succeed then they can change the hierarchy on board this train.

I’d heard a lot about this movie before I finally got around to seeing it and overall I enjoyed the film. It was much darker in places than I thought it would be and there was a few turns and twists which I simply did not see coming.
Very little throughout the film pulled me out of it. With a film like this I think it could have been easy for little inconsistencies to creep in. The sort of thing that would bring you out of the fantasy land that the movie should have you in. Thinking back to the film, after having watched it, there are a couple of things which do flash out at me, but nothing that’s really shattered the illusion of the film.

I couldn’t fault the acting at all. It seemed very solid throughout, but with the cast that the film had that’s to be expected. Chris Evans was especially good I thought. He carried the weight of his character’s struggles well and his revelation near the end of the film was really gripping.
Tilda Swinton was also very good. She’s an actress I’ve seen in a few films and she always seems a solid actor, and here she holds her antagonist role well. Her character was ruthless, but also kind of cowardly at the same time.

I did find the ending a little odd, and I’m still thinking through what it means in the bigger picture but it’s a film that I would recommend to anybody who wanted to watch something that got them thinking.

Captain America: THe First Avenger

(A very quick post)


Literally just got back from the cinema after seeing this film and  I really enjoyed this film, it gave me everything I expected to see.  Any one who knows A little about Captain America will know enough for me not to go into A mass description of the idea behind him, but basically as the film describes it is A weak man just wants to take on the bullies.  This is A well thought through film, with very good performances and is directed well.  Chris Evans, Hayley Atwell, Hugo Weaving, Dominic Cooper and Tommy Lee Jones all put in A solid and in most cases A impressive performance.  Evans especially handles the weak Stephen Rogers and then the strong Captain America very well.  The first film I saw him in was Fantastic Four and he was good in that but he’s really grown into an outstanding actor.

There’s very good action and the serious side of the film is well handled and I really liked the humour that is in the film.  Sometimes these little comedic moments can kill A film but here they are subtle and well-timed.  The CGI is well done, especially the early moments when we are seeing the weak Stephen Rogers.  There was one or two moments that I thought ‘That’s CGI’ though.

The only thing that I wasnt really happy with was how Captain America wakes up today.  I would have liked to have seen a scene where S.H.I.E.L.D discover him and not just his shield.

This is the final film in the build up to The Avengers movie which we will see next year.  We waited till the end of the credits to see A little snippet of this film and I cannot wait till May 2012.  A lot of expectation is on this film and I have a fair amount of faith that Joss Whedon is gonna do a good job.