A Dancing Bear

Over the last few days of last week I was listening to A Dancing Bear by David Free. This is a story that I really love, it gives a lot to think about and the characters are fascinating.  David Free gives the story an interesting pace and his descriptive skills sucked me in as I was listening to the story.

Here’s the podiobooks.com link http://podiobooks.com/title/a-dancing-bear/ The Story can also be found on iTunes.

This is a story that I am very fond of this story, its one that has an ending that makes you think.



Today’s Post 28/02/13

There’s not much to say tonight, I’ve got some more words written down on Project Apollo, again I’m not sure if it will end up in the final cut but it’s going to help no matter what.

I listened again to Joshua Jared Scott’s Sanctuary: Surviving The Zombie Apocalypse. This is a very good story, Mr. Scott has a nice way of putting his stories together and as I mentioned in a previous post he is not scared of writing the brutal truths in a story. I really hope Mr. Scott is working on a follow-up novel to this one.

Another story that I am listening too is A Dancing Bear by David Free. This a story of a college student who gets sucked into a world of terrorist plots, murder and fear. All because he falls for a women. A very good story which makes me feel for the protagonist and I can see how his actions, or lack of them, take them where he ends up.

Once I’ve finished editing Avoiding The Game (yes the title of the story is still going to change) I’m going to have a go through Project Apollo with Owen and get what is written tidied up and expanded, but also get the rest of it planned out so we can get it done!