Making Progress

Something that bothers me from time to time is that I still haven’t gotten anything published. I’ve got a few bits which are close to being ready to let loose into the world but I’m not willing to put anything up on Amazon (that’s where I’m going to start) until I’m absolutely happy with it and with the notes I’ve had from my (awesome) Beta Readers I know I need to work on this writing malarkey a little more.

I still feel like I’ve made a lot of progress this year. I’m not great at jotting down what I’ve learnt in the last twelve months, I’m sitting here trying to think of those little bits and pieces but my minds going blank. This I’m putting down to the Dyspraxia. Its not something that I tend to think about nowadays but its moments like this that I feel like me being Dyspraxic is like someone has gagged me and tied my hands together. The words are clear in my head but are not willing to leave my grey matter, but I have learnt lessons this year, a lot from my Beta Readers, from the podcasts I listen to and a lot from just writing.

Next year I am determined to have my fiction up on Amazon for the world to read, but only once its ready.

Good Morning Sunday

This coming week I am removing all the silly little distractions that I put in front of myself. I’m my own worst enemy with these little things if I’m bluntly honest. I’ve got next to no attention span which doesn’t help and I need to find my focus again.

I amextremely excited about the projects that I have around me at the moment, Chrystalyn sent me something for The Residents in the week which had me all but bouncing around the showroom at work. I’ve got an email from Owen which I’ve been waiting for to read which I’ll be doing later tonight. That will put us in a good place for when we sit down on the 8th to thrash out the final details of Project Apollo.

Both Project Apollo and The Residents are demanding that I push my writing abilities. I’m working with two great writers which in itself is exciting and I need to step up my game. I know I can do it, it is in me. There have been times when I have written things and I’ve thought Wow! And the few people that have read my work have been favourable with their comments so the only thing I have to defeat is me, and I’m not talking about my dyspraxia here. I’m talking about how easily I am distracted, so if anyone who follows me on Twitter, or ‘Likes’ me on Facebook (links to the right of the screen) and you see me active on there in the evenings feel free to tell to sod off and do some writing.