This Week’s Target & Last Weeks Update

I did not hit my target of 2500 words for last week, I was just shy of 2000 words.  One reason was that I decided to re-write the short story I was working on and I was asked to drive my granddad to his sisters on sunday, which meant I had to do a couple of chores on friday night as I had plans on sunday.  What I did write was some pretty good stuff which I’m looking forward to re-writing.


Now for this week : I am going to get a short story edited.  My amazing Beta readers have been good enough to take the time to read what I sent them so I am going to have one done and hopefully ready to submit by the end of the week.


I’ve started Reading ESTRA. Corp by Chris Stocking and I’m flying through it. I’m already at page 63.  I also watched Final Destination 5 last week which I absolutely loved and I thought the ending was brilliant.


Right now I’m off to edit, edit and edit some more.  Catch you all later.