Tuesday, 3rd of March

In three sittings I’ve managed to knock out 1200 words today, all in longhand. I’m well chuffed by this. It feels like I’m slowly getting back into a groove a little bit, even if writing with a pen is killing my hand.

This rewrite of Avoiding The Game is coming along well and I think it is taking shape well. Last week I was a little worried about how the middle of the novella would work out but I think I’ve found where I want it to go now. I am a little torn about when I should start typing it up though. Part of me wants to wait until I’ve got a complete draft but another side of me says to start typing it up now, just in case something happens to the paper draft. If I start typing it up though I’ll start editing it and I’m not sure I want to start looking at it with a critical eye until I have a completed draft. I think I’m more inclined to hold off until the draft is done, that feels like the right thing to do and I’m trying to follow my gut instinct a little better at the moment.

That is me done for the night now though, I’m going to dive back into Game Of Thrones series four 🙂

Trying Audible

I’ve been quite a fan of audiobooks for some time now. With me being a slow reader and having a day job where I can have earphones in all day I find audiobooks very convenient but obviously they’re more expensive then the paper and electronic versions so it’s rare I can justify spending that amount of money out on them. I have heard of an offer that Audible do where you pay a fix amount each month and you get a credit which lets you get an audiobook each month for that fixed price (here in the UK its £7.99) and it still gives me the option of buying more if I so wish. I’ve been putting off doing this because when I do listen to audiobooks and podcasts etc. its via my iPod, which died on tuesday. So I had to listen to the podcasts I listen to through my iPhone, and I actually found it easier to listen this way. So downloading the Audible app made sense.

I did all this all friday so I’m looking forward to giving it a test drive tomorrow. The first book I downloaded was Andromeda’s Choice by William C. Dietz. This is the follow up to Andromeda’s Fall which I always enjoyed but on a recent listen I really found that I appreciated it a lot more then I had done on previous listens. So this was a natural choice for my first download.

I’ve made use of the wish list on Audible’s site, I’ve already put about twenty titles on it ranging from Stephen King to a few authors I was unaware off but their books look good. I have also added books by Mark Tufo and Rhiannon Frater. I’ve listened to one book from each of these authors already and I’ve wanted to get more of their fiction consumed so as I started off with their work on audio it seems like a natural choice to continue that way. I will also get round to listening to the Game Of Thrones books on there but those are a little more long-term listening goals.

For now, I’m looking forward to getting stuck into Andromeda’s Choice 🙂

Why I’m Ignoring Most Memes Now

We’ve all seen Memes, pictures with little catchphrases on. At first I found them quite amusing in the main and once in a while a really good one would catch my attention. Now though, they’re kind of predictable, as soon as I see them I know what they are. Many lack imagination and its rare that I see one now that impresses me.

What has really irritated me about them is the Game Of Thrones and The Walking Dead ones. I have not seen the most recent series of these two epically good series as I only recently got around to watching them (on DVD) so just from having a look through my Facebook feed I know who dies in these two awesome TV series [insert curse words of choice or rage filled roars]

That said some memes don’t contain spoilers and are very funny, but like everything that started off as something small and amusing it is now mutated into something that is becoming annoying with only a few that are still worthy of attention.