A Once In A Lifetime Moment

I am not someone who is getting excited over the Olympics, even though it is taking place a few miles away from where I live, but I did watch the Flame pass my work today.  It had to be done, to just take that brief moment to watch what is the ultimate sporting icon pass so close.  With it though came all the sponsors and the politics that are now part of the olympics.  Most of the people who I know honestly could not care less about the Olympics being in this country.  It’s viewed by many as just a massive waste of money which will be a complete disaster, I don’t think that myself but I can see costs spiralling out of control.  We have already seen the security company who are to provide security for the games fall short and the army have had to be called in to fill the gaps.  Knowing the British tabloids there will be multiple revelations about corruption and influential people getting priority seating and so on.  Then there will be the failed drug tests, the disputed judgement calls and I’m sure the controversy over the Team GB football team will come to the headlines once more.  Add in the great British weather then it has the potential to be as disappointing a wash out as a lot of people expect it is going to be.  I don’t believe that it is though, I think that it is going to be something that can be remembered by the country for many years and despite the loss that some people have had in being moved out of the areas where the olympics will take place I think it will do  long-term good for a country that needs a bright star to inspire us to regain our greatness.