Heat Wave 2013

Last year we here in England had maybe two weeks of decent weather. I can only think of one really hot day that stands out but this year we’re in our forth week of a heat wave and people are complaining! come on really? I can understand that it is affecting certain aspects of life. My dads a farmer and its not helping the harvest. I’m unable to run my three year old laptop for more then half an hour because its gets too hot and the heat makes my day job just a little more challenging.

Am I complaining? No. I’m getting on with my job. I’m writing with a pen and paper and limiting my time on my laptop because complaining isn’t going to change the weather and give it a few months all the people complaining about how hot it is now will be whining about how cold it is.

Enough about the heat wave, here’s what happening with me. Project Apollo is going well, I’m on the final straight now and give it a couple more days of writing I think I’ll be seeing the finishing line. Reading has again dropped off again. I’m still on Redshirts by John Scalzi and I’m loving the direction he’s taking with the final third of the book but between Writing and Falling Skies I don’t seem to be finding the time to wrap this one up.
As I just mentioned I’ve been watching the TV series Falling Skies. I’m only a few episodes into it but this is right up my street and I am absolutely loving it. I knocked out three episodes last night when I was only planning to watch one episode. I’m only on series one so I have a lot of catching up to do.
I also saw Pacific Rim on tuesday, wow. I’ll elaborate on that further in another post but I loved it 🙂