NaNoWriMo: Day 4

Okay, this will be a quick post (I know I said that yesterday and look what happened 😛 ) Anyway, I knew I may struggle to get to the minimum word count of 1667 done for today as I was off to the cinema this evening to see Horns (not bad, not fantastic but it was entertaining and got me thinking about characters motives etc. and there were some damn good performances too). I wrote a couple of hundred words first thing this morning (which is impressive bearing in mind I resemble a tired zombie till about 8:30) and at lunch I got another five hundred or so words down. Now here’s where it get’s a little off of the plan I had in my head for this evening. My brother was getting a quick haircut at just gone 6pm so I was gonna sit in my car and write (we carpool) until he was done, but this got de-railed when I had to run an errand which came out of no where at a quarter past five. I got back to work where I was gonna wait for my brother at about twenty to seven, so I thought I’d try and get a few words done. I got about five hundred before my brother got back to the car. This left me with about 450 words to get the minimum for the day, and I had till about quarter past eight to do it. So around getting ready to go cinema and eating my dinner I got to 1605 words, so I waffled and ended up with a chapter of 1667 words and I was very pleased (that chapter may need some editing later).

If there’s a lesson in this quick post (okay so it wasn’t very quick) it’s that if there is a will, there is a way. There are no excuses for not making time to follow that dream.

This has been as much a lesson for me today as it may be for anyone else.