Dawn of the Dead

This is the second film off of David Court’s 35 best movies of the 2000s.

I haven’t seen this since it came out for rental, but surprisingly I remembered a fair bit of it, and also a lot I didn’t remember.

Overall I enjoyed it, probably more than I did first time around. It gave me a big smile when there was a cover of Disturbed’s Down With The Sickness, one of my favourite songs that I wasn’t familiar back on my first viewing.

The movie is well paced, acted superbly, written with a skill to both tug at the heartstrings while also adding a little humour. Kind of what we’ve come to expect from a script by James Gunn.

There’s some good gore, some interesting kills, and one of two moments that made me roll my eyes. There’s one moment in the film when the main characters need to help another isolated person hold up during this zombie hoard, only for their initial plan to go pair shaped. There are two other ways they could have helped this fella which is demonstrated in the following moments.

Despite that, this film is well worth a watch and deserves the praise it does get.

Challenge Accepted: David Court’s Top 35 Best Horror Movies of the 2000s

David Court is not only a damn good human being, a gifted wrangler of words, but also has a good eye for movies.

I’ve had the pleasure of not only meeting David, but sharing anthology space with him. He’s someone I hold in high regard. So when he posts a list of movies, I pay attention to it. This time though, I’m going one step further. I’m going to watch each and everyone on this list by the end of this year. Here is the list:

L-R Me, Pippa Pilgrim (Bailey), Matthew Cash, and David Court at the Sparks anthology launch.

Of the list I’ve seen 18 of these movies, but I’m going to rewatch the, as I go. I’m going to try and watch them from 35 to 1, but I’m not holding to that religiously. I will also post about it as I go with just a few thoughts on each film, then I might put all those thoughts into one post.

Now I’ve just got to find them all……

14th August 2021

My aim to write a blog post every day this month have well and truthfully gone out the window! But hey ho, there’s always next month!

Aside from yesterday I’ve written each day. With a lovely 1895 words today which took me over the 10k mark. I like the way the mermaid story is coming together. It’s still all over the place but connecting the scenes later will be fun (I hope).

I’m working on more self care than I have lately. The more content and settled I am the more I get done the happier I am in myself. Today’s been a great example of that. I was able to do something I’ve always seemed to hold off from doing. I’ve wanted to sit out in my garden and write for years. Today I did it, I sat out there for a couple of hours. Earphones in, words being wrangled. It was nice and peaceful. I’m going to try and do it more often. I like my office, but a change in scenery was much needed.

Right folks, time to wrap for the night. I watched the 2009 remake of Friday The 13th last night, and am currently watching Freddy Vs Jason. After that, another slasher one I think.

Good night folks, rock on and make those dreams reality.

47 Meters Down Uncaged and Bait

I recently watched these two movies back to back and was quite impressed with both them. Although neither blew me away both films had me hooked pretty early on and were a great escape for a few hours.

47 Meters Down Uncaged is about four teenage girls who go cave diving threw caves that have old ruins in them and there happens to be a shark mooching about these submerged ruins. Obviously things go pear shaped and there’s people dying and lots of blood (awesome!), but the cast do pretty well and have you interested quickly. The story isn’t bad and I found the fact that four teenagers would do something daft like cave diving on their own with little experience quite believable. A few other moments had me raise my eyebrows a little bit never to the point of not believing the film, except one moment where someone dies and one of the girls is then swimming in that space. Like, wouldn’t the water still be somewhat bloody? But anyway. It works well, and the ending was pretty good I’d a little bit of a stretch. Well worth a watch.

Bait is another shark movie but this one takes place in a supermarket that is flooded after a tsunami and a shark or two gets in. Again, not the most complex of storylines but it works (it’s nice not seeing stories overly complicated for the sake of appearing smart). There’s a little more conflict amongst the characters in this one, a cops and robbers, grumpy employer, and daddy/daughter issues to name a few, but it works. Another decent cast that did admirable jobs while being soaking wet for the majority of the movie. There’s a few places where the writers stretch the imagination but overall it was enjoyable and a pleasant surprise. Another one that’s well worth a watch.

So two movies that I enjoyed and recommend. Both are on Netflix UK.

Why I Haven’t Watched The Exorcist…Yet

Neither of my parents are big movie people. I can remember watching films with them as a kid, mainly James Bond movies and the Carry On films, but it wasn’t a passion of either of theirs. So I didn’t really get into movies until my mid teens and it’s only been in the last two or three years that I’ve developed a real passion for movies. That means I’ve not seen a lot of the movies that people consider classics, and one of those is The Exorcist.
I do like a good horror movie and The Exorcist is considered one of the greats but it’s not one that I feel driven to see. It’s not a case of it maybe not holding up to what we’re seeing today. I can watch a movie that was made decades ago and if it has poor special effects (by todays standards) it doesn’t bother me because I know that when it was made they were probably quite groundbreaking. No, what holds me back from watching it is the fact that I’ve seen so many parodies and references from The Exorcist over the years and I feel I wouldn’t take it as seriously as I should do. It feels like elements of it are just pure cliche now and when I see those iconic scenes I’ve heard about I don’t want to be thinking about the beginning of Scary Movie 2 when I’m watching it.

I will get around to watching it one day, but I want to give it the attention and respect that it deserves.