Another Update

I finally finished the second (might technically be third) draft of last years NaNoWriMo novella. I’m pretty much going to dive straight into the next draft as I want to try and have it done in decent time.

There’s three main points that I’ve got to work on. Adding a new character to the mix; continuing a storyline that kinda of got forgotten about; and adding some more depth to my protagonist. There’s a couple of seeds I want to plant in the story for storylines down the line, and a couple of other tweaks that need to be added. I’m sure I’ll find more to work on while I’m working my way through.

I got some Beta notes back in the week on a story that Owen and I have put together, and finally had a look at them today. I’m looking forward to getting stuck into them in the next week or so.

Reading wise I’m about halfway through Wool by Hugh Howey. I’m enjoying this novel, and have been surprised by some of the twists and turns in the story. Sometimes I’ll think I’ve got it sussed out, and then Howey takes it in a direction that I didn’t see coming.

The comic I’m reading is volume one of Wilds End by Dan Abnett (writer) and I.N.J. Culbard (illustration). This is a comic with anthropomorphic animals in the countryside of 1930’s Britain. So far the story is pretty captivating, and growing at a nice and steady pace. The artwork has got a beautiful look to it. At my first glance I found it beautiful for its simplicity but as I’ve looked more at it I’m really admiring how well Culbard has managed to put so much heart and character into these characters.

I’ve just started listening to No Worse Enemy by Christopher G. Nuttall. This is the second book in Nuttall’s The Empire’s Corps series. I’m about ninety minutes into it so I’m not fully engaged into it yet, but I thoroughly enjoyed the first book in the series and I’ve got high expectations for No Worse Enemy.


The End Is Nigh

I’m about halfway the audiobook of The End Is Nigh. This is an anthology edited by John Josepth Adams and Hugh Howey about the events immediately before an apocalypse. 

So far I’m really impressed with the collection. There’s been one or two stories that I thought I wasn’t going to enjoy in the early stages of listening to them but as these ones have come to a close I’ve found I’ve liked them as much, maybe more in one case, than the stories I liked from the first few sentences. 

I’d love to say I’ll get this wrapped up by the time I leave work tomorrow, but I doubt I will. Regardless of whether I do or not I’m enjoying this collection, a lot. It’s reminded me that I need to think a little more about what I’m reading and what I want to be reading. So far each one of these stories has told me I need to be reading more in this genre. I’ve got a few books which I brought at DemonCon that I’ve got lined up but after I’ve gotten through them I think I’ll be getting into Wool By Hugh Howey.

The End Is Nigh is the first book of The Apocalypse Triptych, and focuses on stories before the apocalypse. The End Is Now obviously looks at life as an apocalypse is ongoing, and finally The End Has Come is all about after the apocalypse.