I have listened to a lot of podcast books. For those of you who are unaware of podcasted novels they are books that are serialised, normally for free as well. Now I have listened to a lot of these over the last couple of years and have discovered some amazing writers like Scott Sigler, J.C. Hutchins, Mur Lafferty, Nathan Lowell, Phil Rossi and many more. For some reason though I’ve never really listened to audiobooks.

I have a few on my iPod but nowhere near as many podcasts though. Maybe part of this is because podcasts are free, but another reason may be because I’ve not enjoyed a couple of audiobooks that I did buy. A couple of which were also abridged and I felt I was loosing out a little because of this. Last week though I downloaded Stephen King’s On Writing and a zombie one, I forgot the name. Ill mention it in a future post. These two downloads have kind of opened a door in my head and I want to download more. This is logical for me because I am a slow reader and I work a job where I can have my iPod and listen to whatever I wish. I do need to get through more books and this may be the way that I can get more fiction consumed 🙂

Today’s Update

Today has been a much more successful day with the writing, I’ve managed to get just over 2300 words today, 2100 of those tonight. Yesterday I’m just putting down to an off day.

One thing that NaNo has done is knock me off my reading, I need to get back into my reading. I’ve really dropped the ball there. I want to try and get more books read in the next year, I may even get into a few audio books as well as my day job allows me to have my iPod on while I work.

Something that I did this morning was write down which of my projects that I want to get completed next year. I’m not going to go into details just yet because I’ve not settled on exactly what I want to do and by when. So I’m going to fine tune that in the next few weeks.

Adventures In SciFi Publishing

I mentioned on Aly Hughes blog about the of the podcasts that I listen to and she, here’s her page and She said I should talk about this a little on my blog and she has a good point.  So I’m going to talk about some of these podcasts from time to time.

I’ve mentioned Adventures In SciFi Publishing before on this blog ( ) but I’m going to try to go into a little more detail here (wish me luck) and tell you all some of the things that I’ve taken from this podcast as well as the others that I have found.

I found Adventures In SciFi Publishing as one of the ‘People who liked this, also liked this………’ on iTunes and it sat on my iPod for, I’ll admit, quite a while and it was not until after my PC had a hissy fit and died (Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr and it’s still not fixed yet!) That I delved into the library that I had on my iPod (when I download a podcast I do so in bulk!) and the more that I listened to it the more that I fell in love with this podcast.  As I said in the link above I like the team that run the Adventures In SciFi Publishing Podcast and their website is always worth a read through.

The interviews that are done from the Writers of the Future contest have been some of my favorite episodes because they have writers who are still trying to make their name in the literary world and its great from my point of view to hear how they are approaching the process aswell.  Their enthusiasm is fantastic too.  It is not just the writers that are interviewed here but also the artists that are also in this contest.

I get a real kick out of listening to intelligent people who also have a passion about what they’re talking about.  The interviews that they present are with not only experienced pros like Tracy Hickman, Brandon Sanderson and Scott Sigler to name just a few.

Along with passion of the team behind Adventures In SciFi Publishing I think that the interviews are the strongest part of the show.  I could give you some of the links for episodes that I especially enjoyed but I don’t want to make this a link heavy post, but a couple of episodes that really caught my attention were: AISFP 112 – Laura Resnick, Mary Robinette Kowal,  AISFP 111 – Michael A. Stackpole, AISFP 108 – Tracy Hickman, AISFP 107 – David Farland and AISFP 104 – Anne Sowards and Clay and Susan Griffith

I would recommend checking out the website though because there is a lot on there that is just a fountain of information.  The only thing that I would like to see on there is a Search Bar so I could type in a name and boom, everything about that person is there, but aside from that its a cool website and I’ve learnt a lot from the Podcast.