Preparing For Marvel’s Infinity War

Although it’s a few months away I’ve began my watch through of the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies for when Infinity War is released. My plan is to have watched all of the movies that are available on BluRay by the time Black Panther is released.

I love these movies, the way each one works on its own but is also part of that bigger picture. It’s quite exciting to be on the brink on what has been building for the last decade.

Today, So Far So Good

So far today I have held my Dad dig out a pathway, pulling up a good tonne and a half of concrete slabs in the process.  I have done the normal cleaning out of the chicken house and knocked out 1200 words in about an hour.  Now I’ve got a lot of sorting of clutter and then maybe some more writing later 😀 Although I am watching Iron Man 2 at the moment so I may be delayed in getting more done today lol.

I’ve had some great feed back from recent posts so I’ll put a few more like those up.  I’ve also got a couple of my brilliant Beta readers looking at one of my short stories so I’m looking forward to their feedback.

Suppose I’d better crack on so I’ll no doubt post more later 🙂