An Olympic Legacy

Well its all done now and as a proud member of the British Empire I am proud of what our Olympians achieved, my thoughts now move to the Olympic Legacy which has been spoken of a lot since we won the bid.  I fear that the Olympic stadium could become a white elephant and all the facilities that have been built could end up abandoned because we, the british public, will not continue to use them the way that they deserve to be used.  What I dream will happen is that our success here gives sport such a push that schools and the government HAVE to embrace sport, to take it by the scruff of the neck and start creating MORE sporting icons that can challenge the best athletes in their fields.  Football though, begins again shortly so that will take its mantle and become the dominate sport in this country.  A sport that our mens team in the Olympics did not succeed in (no surprise there) Why don’t we take half the money that goes into football and put it into sports that don’t get anything near what they need.  That wont happen though,  yes I am a football fan but I enjoyed seeing some of our humble Olympians and the success they have had at these games.  This has been a boost to our fine country, but the economical does not look like it’s come and I fear that this enthusiasm for exploring sporting possibilities may not last long.

What gives me a little hope is that somewhere a child watched as Jade Jones who won Great Britain’s first taekwondo gold medal, or Chris Hoy, or Jessica Ennis and take inspiration from them and have the courage to do something that is not football or rugby or cricket and aim for greatness.  As for how the games have left our capital city, lets look back in a decade and see if the Olympic Legacy has been achieved.