Movie Monday: Event Horizon


I was at a bit of a loose end as to which movie to talk about today, bearing in mind I have seen a lot of films.  When I sat down to write this post nothing came to mind, until I looked over at my DVD collection and saw Event Horizon.

Event Horizon tells the story of a rescue crew who have to travel to Neptune where a distress signal has been received.  This is a huge risk for the crew of the rescue ship as few vessels ever go out as far as Neptune.  Cleary in this universe mankind has not conquered space flight yet.  Once the crew come out of stasis they are briefed on this mission by Dr.Weir (Sam Neill) Weir informs the crew that the vessel that they are going to rescue is the Event Horizon. The Event Horizon disapered some years earlier and is considered the greatest space disaster on record.  This causes a few issues with the crew as some of they are reluctant to believe this.  Dr. Weir goes on to explain that the Event Horizon was an experimental spacecraft that had a new gravity drive that creates an artificial black hole to speed up space travel.  When they get to the ship they find it empty.  No crew, aside from a frozen corpse that has had its eyes gouged out.  One of the rescue crew gets sucked into the gravity drive which sends out a shock wave that damages the rescue craft, The Lois and Clark. This leads to the rescue crew having to take refuge on the Event Horizon itself.  This is when the crew start having hallucinations, including Captain Miller (Laurence Fishburne).  Miller decides to get off the ship as quickly as possible once the Lois and Clark is repaired and then destroy the Event Horizon, obviously it does not go to plan.  The mystery of where the ship has been all that time come out and people start dying in quite gruesome ways.

In addition to Sam Neill and Laurence Fishburne the cast includes Jason Issacs, Sean Pertwee, Richard T. Jones, Kathleen Quinlan and Joey Richardson.  This film was the first time that I had really seen these actors and I think it is a very strong cast which adds to the film very well.  The relationships between the rescue crews is especially good and feels very real and not artificial.

Event Horizon is one of my favourite films. I remember watching it for the first time when it was out for rental and being sucked into its darkness.  At that stage in my movie watching history I had not really seen anything like it so it was a whole new experience.  It is a dark and disturbing film which asks a fair few questions of the darker side of humanity, but also how strong we as humans can be.  I watch Event Horizon quite often for that reason and it feeds my creativity as not only is the story and characters good and interesting it’s also a very beautiful film.

Movie Monday : Predators


I am a huge fan of the original Predator movie, the Arnold Schwarzenegger one.  This was one of the earliest sci-fi movies like this that I can remember seeing.  It had so much to try to take in I watched it more times than I care to admit.  I loved how the Predator took Dutch’s  (Schwarzenegger’s) team of soldiers apart leaving only Dutch to fight the alien hunting them.  This was followed by Predator 2, and later on Alien vs Predator, which was not as bad as a lot of people say it was.  Although don’t get me started on the sequel to Alien vs Predator.  Then we had Predators, which many say is the worthy sequel to Predator (I half agree, but I did like Predator 2)

Predators starts with our protagonist (Adrian Brody) falling through the air, thankfully a parachute opens and he lands, albeit with a little thud.  There with Brody is I think seven or eight other people.  All are some sort of fighter.  One is a Columbian cartel enforcer, another is a member of the Yakuza.  Another is a Spetznaz soldier and you get the picture.  This little group slowly try to figure out what is happening to them and they soon find out that they are in a game reserve for the Predators.  As the film carries on we meet Noland, played by Laurence Fishburne, and I think that Fishburne has a lot of fun with this role.

This film does not mess about, the action is good, there is a nice level of terror and a couple of good little twists.  Adrian Brody and Laurence Fishburne are not the only faces that you will recognise which helps the strength of the film.  The soundtrack is taken straight from the original movie too which tugs at the nostalgia strings in our heads.  The visuals are stunning, although I don’t think that the jungle in the movie is alien enough for an alien planet but it is still very much worth a watch.