13th November 2019

Today I’ve written 813 words for a total of 7318 words for the month. I know I should be at about 21000 but I’m not. I’ve had a lot going on this month away from writing but hopefully from here on out I can get back on track, well I can get back into writing regularly again.

I am still working on the short stories for my NaNoWriMo this year. Pretty much doing the same thing as I did last year which worked well for me. I think I’d have had similar success this year but just so much has been going on having the time has been challenging. I’ve not been hooked on one yet. I still feel like I’m finding my rhythm, but that said the one I’ve been focused on the last few days seems to be showing potential.

I am all at sea a little at the moment. I’m going to have realign myself a little over the next few days so I can get back on track properly.

Picture of the day is of Raven on my wardrobe.

8th of October 2019

Hi folks! I don’t know what I’ve written today because I haven’t had time to count the numbers, and I can say the same for yesterday.

But I am writing. I’m getting words down and trying to build that consistency. I’d like to get back into CS1 and get back on track with that, though. What I’ve worked on the last two days had been the fanfic piece. Tomorrow I am at a write-in so I’m hoping I can have a look to see where I am on that and get stuck in again.

I had planned to get some writing done this evening before picking my partner up, but something out of my control stopped that. It’s something doesn’t affect me aside from the fact it made my journey three times longer than normal. I don’t get pissed off at these things. Especially in this case someone has reportedly died. But I saw instances of other drivers getting frustrated and tempers flared. Not many years ago I might have fallen into that category. Now though, life is far too short to be angry over things which are out of our control. Especially when there’s tragedy involved.

I’m going to wrap it there, folks. I need food and some chill out time.

Rising From A Slump

Well, I’ve had a relatively productive week. I’ve managed to hit a thousand words a day this week, except for Thursday that is, and over the last couple of days I’ve felt like I’m getting back into the mindset I had at the start of the year. Writing is still quite difficult and isn’t feeling as natural as it has done, but the urge to write is stronger now than it has been for the last four or five months or so. I’m also feeling the creative juices beginning to flow again. While at work yesterday I was actually having ideas and having to scribble them down quickly in my notepad. That’s something that hasn’t happened like that in quite some time. I’ve had the odd idea but yesterday I was having ideas that sparked further thoughts which resulted in more notes being taken. What I think helped was that I sat in Costa for fifteen minutes before work and forced myself to work on some character details for a project I’m looking at working on next year.

Most of this week has been working on typing up my handwritten draft of The Space Watch, last night I finished that and have sent it off to Owen for his thoughts on it. I’ve stuck quite well to our outlines but I have deviated and added a POV which we hadn’t discussed but that I think adds a layer to the story and also fills in what I think would have been holes to the plot once the first draft was done. I’ve also changed the gender of an antagonist (it just kinda happened and has worked out well), and added a fair bit of minor world building details that we haven’t discussed but came out during the writing process. At the moment its at 14k words, and if I remember right we were looking at either a 30k or 50k target. I honestly can’t remember which, but I’m not sure how long it’s going to wrap up at. I’m thinking we’re about a third of the way through. My gut is saying 30k but we’ll have to wait and see how it goes as we work on it, which will probably be after NaNoWriMo.

With what I’ve gotten done of The Space Watch with Owen I’m going to focus on getting last years NaNoWriMo piece wrapped up. I’ve got a long way to go on it, but as it’s part editing and part adding a whole new character and his POV I’m hoping I can get a good pace going and be nearly done by the time NaNo starts.

Speaking of NaNo, I know what I’m doing this year. I’m going to type up a piece I wrote earlier in the year. I know that’s kind of cheating but I’d like to get it done and have a digital draft completed by the end of the year, and I think I’ll be able to get it done during NaNo. Next year I’m going to plan things out better, as I’m writing this I think I’ve just decided what to do for next years NaNo.

I can’t really remember the last time where I’ve had such a long period where writing has been as difficult as it has been this year. I think I know one of the reasons why it has been, and I’ve moved to sort that out, but I need to learn how to make sure I’m writing regardless of what’s going on around me. I know I can do it, and I’m much happier in myself when I am being productive. I just need to keep getting the work done. I’m not ignoring the buzz I got from Bristol Horror Con last weekend either. Meeting Cat and Lynx Raven for the first time after building up a great rapport with them online was a serious highlight of the year for me. But I also met some other fantastic people and just the feel of the event and the energy that was there was so infectious and has really rammed home a few things to me.

Changing My Mindset

Something I’ve been trying to do over the last year, eighteen months or so is trying to change some of how I do things and how I handle myself. One of those things is quite a simple; not putting things off. Okay I still do some of the time but as a general rule I try to make sure that I don’t put anything off. It doesn’t matter whether I’m at work or when I’m writing, or if I’m at home I try to get things done when I think of or see them. Like tonight for instance, I could put the dishes away in the morning but I’m going to do it shortly. That way I don’t have to do it in the morning.

If I kept putting things off I’d be doing it for my entire life, I’m not there yet but I am getting better and not letting my natural laziness win through.

NaNoWriMo: Day 4

Okay, this will be a quick post (I know I said that yesterday and look what happened 😛 ) Anyway, I knew I may struggle to get to the minimum word count of 1667 done for today as I was off to the cinema this evening to see Horns (not bad, not fantastic but it was entertaining and got me thinking about characters motives etc. and there were some damn good performances too). I wrote a couple of hundred words first thing this morning (which is impressive bearing in mind I resemble a tired zombie till about 8:30) and at lunch I got another five hundred or so words down. Now here’s where it get’s a little off of the plan I had in my head for this evening. My brother was getting a quick haircut at just gone 6pm so I was gonna sit in my car and write (we carpool) until he was done, but this got de-railed when I had to run an errand which came out of no where at a quarter past five. I got back to work where I was gonna wait for my brother at about twenty to seven, so I thought I’d try and get a few words done. I got about five hundred before my brother got back to the car. This left me with about 450 words to get the minimum for the day, and I had till about quarter past eight to do it. So around getting ready to go cinema and eating my dinner I got to 1605 words, so I waffled and ended up with a chapter of 1667 words and I was very pleased (that chapter may need some editing later).

If there’s a lesson in this quick post (okay so it wasn’t very quick) it’s that if there is a will, there is a way. There are no excuses for not making time to follow that dream.

This has been as much a lesson for me today as it may be for anyone else.

Look At The Good

This is just a quick little post, but I noticed on Facebook this morning that some people really do thrive on spreading controversy under the cloak of educating people. To me this is a load of rubbish, its the same as when governments tell us how big a threat this thing or that thing is instead of trying to educate the population.

For me I’m trying to look at the good things of life. I don’t want to go around telling everyone to be positive because it’s something people do need to learn themselves. I’ve noticed that if you try and throw something down someones throat they’re more then likely reject it. So I just try and look at the good of life and I must say I feel better in myself for thinking that way. My family have a lot of stress and anxiety around us at the moment (I’m not willing to go into details) and I am feeling it but I’m not letting it get to me like it use to. I don’t like being negative, I don’t like how it makes me feel.


Sorry, thats a bit of a rant but sometimes it has to come out.


Have a good Sunday everyone 🙂

A Quick Update

There’s not a lot to tell at the moment, If I’m totally honest I’ve done very little. Nine Hearts though is all but done and I’m  just gearing up the courage to send it off to a few of the magazines out there. Aside from that I’ve done very little over the last week as I’ve had a little upheaval in my personal life but I’m looking to get back in the flow again over the next couple of days. I need to collect my thoughts and get back working again, I’ve got lots of words to write and I’m eager to get writing.

I Don’t Care

I don’t care, I’m not bothered, I don’t give a f*ck. All of those imply the same thing, the same mentality that humanity seems to be adopting at an accelerating pace. I’ve met a fair few people who say they ‘Call it as it is’ and I think I’ve only met two or three people who did so without being nasty or bitter in their honesty. Most people seem to think its a way of being nasty and getting away with it.

About two years ago I had a car crash (my fault) I had a break up around the same time and a few friendships ended. I was in a dark place and for a while I was close to becoming a ‘I don’t care’ person. That is and never will be me though, I DO CARE. I care about my family, my friends. My Girlfriend Tracie, who I love dearly. I care about my job, I care about my writing. I care about A lot of people and things and that to me is part of who I am.

I can understand people who have been hurt by life and have taken this attitude but I wonder how many people truly do not care in the way they say they do. I’d say there are few people out there who claim to not care but who actually care a lot but it’s part of our culture today. ‘I don’t care’ is part of our vocabulary. I’ll admit I say it, but when I do I normally only say it when talking to Tracie and she knows that something is wrong because she knows how much I hate that mentality.

I do care. I try my best not to say something that could offend, which I do fail sometimes but I’ll always try and put it right.

The less humanity cares, the quicker humanity dies.

It Wasn’t Me!

Something that I often think about is in our world it is very rare that someone will hold their hands up and take the blame for when they have made a mistake or done wrong. When I started work full time I quickly learnt that if I make a mistake then it was better to hold my hands up for the error rather then try to hide it or pass the blame onto someone else. In my experience its better to own up to a mistake because if you pass the blame or try to hide it and are found out then you will be in more trouble.
I’m not saying to take the blame when you are not at fault, but when you do make a mistake, own up. It drives me crazy when people try to pass the blame onto others. A good example is after a car crash, the person who is at fault will often get out and scream at the other driver to intimidate them and maybe make them admit to the accident being their fault.
Should I be surprised that the world Is like this? No, not at all. Everyone from the heads of state down to people who can’t be bothered to do anything other then get out of bed lie their way out of trouble.
Even with silly things like tripping over a cable that is in your way, or bumping into someone when you’re sending a text message. How about we pay more attention to our surroundings and we look out for ourselves. We take responsibility for ourselves.
I’d like to think that one day this culture will end and a little more honesty will come through, I’m not holding my breath though.
I hope I don’t sound like I’m preaching here, I am far from perfect but I try my best to learn from my mistakes and not repeat them. When I do make a mistake I will own up to it, I don’t pass the blame onto anyone else. That’s not me, I won’t say it has never been but its not me now.
Take responsibility for yourselves.

Okay rant over 🙂