X-Men: First Class

I am A big fan of the first two X-Men films, Bryan Singer did A fantastic job of putting these two stories together.  There was A sense of depth in the first two films that made them great for me.  The third film which Brett Ratner directed did not have that same feeling of care that the Singer films did.  It was a good entertaining film but it lacked that depth of character that the first two had which was all that let it down for me.  I didn’t care about the outcome as much as I did for the first two films.  The next film; X-Men Origins: Wolverine was good but like the third film it did not blow me away.  There was lots of action and it told a good story but it was a little predictable and just didn’t blow me away.

Now for X-Men: First Class.  I really was not sure how I would take this film as the last two in the franchise had not wowed me.  Matthew Vaughn is A Director that I have grown to like A lot and I was a little reassured.  Then I found out Bryan Singer was on board as A producer and this gave me an even bigger expectation for the film, which it lived up to.

I knew that James McAvoy was on board to play the young Charles Xavier which I thought was A good bit of casting.  He pulled it off very well.  I was also excited at the prospect of seeing Kevin Bacon in the film.  Bacon is one of my favourite actors and I can’t recall an instance where he has not put in A bad performance in A film.  I was very impressed with Michael Fassbender, who played Magneto.  I had seen him in Inglorious Bastards and was impressed but playing Magneto he really took the character and the film by the scruff of the neck.  Playing someone so angry, but also having to show some control also cannot be easy.  Fassbender and McAvoy seemed to really click on-screen which helped the movie have that depth that is needed but often missed and over looked.  i just want to give Nicolas Hoult A quick mention.  He plays Beast in the film and he was convincing as him.  Hoult is an English actor that I know from the TV series ‘Skins’ In this he played A smug little sod of a character who I will admit I didn’t like but Hoult played him so convincingly that he caught my attention.  Now he seems to be making A name for himself in Hollywood and I hope it keeps getting better for him.

The plot of the film is generally the emerging mutants trying to deal with their abilities and the U.S. government that are trying to make them into something of use.  At the core of it is Xavier and Magneto, or Erik Lensher as he is known during the earlier scenes of the film.  Both have a slightly different view on what the emerging mutants should be trying to achieve.  Xavier is trying to teach the mutants on how to matser their powers but to also live in peace with humanity.  Magneto on the other hand believes that mankind cannot be trusted and that mutants are now the dominate species on earth.  In the middle of all this Kevin Bacon’s villain keeps the story rolling nicely and gives the mutants something to focus on other than their own different views of the world.

There is A fair amount of action throughout the film and the final battle has some epic moments.  A flying submarine is pretty cool.  We see the final split between Magneto and Xavier and how Xavier looses the use of his legs.

This is A well put together film and I really hope that the director, producers and cast come back for another film.