Good Evening 20th July 2021

Good evening, folks! Today I wrote 1038 words on a new short story. It took a little to get going, a couple of false starts but once I changed a small detail I found the spark that got the story going and boom! A thousand words flowed in a good half an hour. I’ve not had a session like that in, what feels like an eternity.

Here’s the the thing I’ve been struggling with, I’ve lost my confidence. I keep rewriting and editing and putting off finishing something. Listening to Armand Rosamilia and Chuck Buda on the Mando Method last week has really hit home. My confidence in writing is generally pretty low, but lately its been rock bottom. I’m going to work on smashing through that and building that confidence up again.

Something that I feel I need to do, is stop censoring myself. I do that a lot, holding myself back. The last two stories I’ve worked on I’ve just written. I’ve not thought about it at all, I’ve just written it

Right, I’ going to wrap it there. I feel like I’m rambling.


After finishing work I was exhausted so I decided to chill out for the rest of the day and maybe do some writing in the evening. But while I was running an errand and listening to Elements of Horror Book Three:Fire I had an idea that I wished I’d had when the submission period for this anthology was open (that said where I am in life right now is adding a depth to it I’m not sure I’d have been able to pull off before), but anyway. I knocked out 880 words on it yesterday including what I think is one of the best, most subtly Brent all scenes I’ve ever written.

So I’m going to slide that one into my projects but making sure I’m prioritising the short story which is for an anthology I’d like to submit to.

Today (Sunday 23rd) will likely be a day with not a lot worked on. I’m at work for the bulk of it then we have a lot of family over, including all but one of the most important relatives I have, for a social distancing get together. This will be the first time we’ve all been together since February and I cannot wait. This is going to be great for the soul after the few months I’ve had, and everyone because Covid alone has made it tough but then our family has had a lot to contend with with just what’s been happening in my life the last six months.

Right folks, I’m going to leave it there. I hope you all have a good day. To my Mando Mafia family good luck with Mando Sunday (search #MandoMethod and @mandomethod on Twitter to find out what I’m talking about about), I’ve got my Pom poms ready and will be cheering from the sidelines. I’ll try and join in for a couple, but I’m not expecting to I’m afraid.