1st of October, 2021

Good evening, folks! How are we all doing?

My first day back writing was a slow start but I got 500 words of the Mermaid story done.

The break was good, but I’m pleased to be back at it.

Only a short post tonight, had a late shift at work so I’m a little wiped out. So a movie and then bed!

Rock on, folks!

Love this notebook. Quality paper, novel put together and it looks awesome 🙂

Good Evening, 2nd August 2021

Evening folks, how are we all doing?

I only wrote about a hundred or so words today. I’m feeling a little lost with Robert and tried working on something else but couldn’t get the flow going right.

I am getting the urge to get stuck into a longer piece. I’ve got novel ideas and I don’t know if I should start on one or hold fire and prep more. My Mermaid story is kind of ready to go, and I think I could have my war child story ready for NaNoWriMo. Having something different to what I’ve written the last few years might be good for my writing.

I’ve got editor notes on Zombie to look through while I think through what I’m going to do next.

The mermaid story is calling to me though…..

The notebook with the Mermaid notes in it 😉