NaNoWriMo 2018 -Day Five

I spent the majority of the day writing, and passed the 10k mark! I’ve written 2898 for a total of 10011 words.

I did go to a write-in, and saw I was only a few hundred off 10k, so when I got home I cracked out those last few words.

Just a short post tonight. I am beat! I’ve got to be up early tomorrow. I also have another write-in at Bluewater tomorrow which I’m looking forward to. I’m a day ahead now (technically I could take tomorrow off), but I’m still aiming for the 1667 each day. Whether I’m ahead of target or behind, that’s my daily target.

NaNoWriMo 2018 – Day Three

Good evening. I haven’t hit the 1667 words today, but I have written 1502, and with the words in the bank I already had I’m now at 5005 words.

Just a short post tonight as I’m off out and doing the social thingy. But I made sure to take advantage of anytime I did have today, which wasn’t much until this evening.

Tomorrow, I’d like to have a heavy day but I’ll see how it goes.

Keep writing, folks!

NaNoWriMo 2018- Day Two

I have written 1680 words today for a total of 3503. If I’m honest I’d have liked to of been closer to the 4k mark but I’ll take 3503. One of my aims this year is to stay above where I should be each day, even if it’s just by a few words.

Today’s words were not easy. I did get a few written earlier in the day but the majority of them were done this evening. I really need to get my writing muscles toned up again, hopefully NaNo will do that for me.

Tomorrow I think will be my first test when it comes to getting the word count done. I’ve got work through most of the day and then I’m doing the socialising thingy in the evening. So I won’t have much time, so what time I do have I will have to make it count. Sunday is free, though. I intend to go hard on Sunday morning and then chill out in the evening. This is something that I’ve done in the past when it comes to writing on a Sunday.

On Monday night I’ve got my first write-in of NaNo. I’m also off work for the week as well, so lots of writing time.

I’ll not get too stressed out of I don’t hit the word count tomorrow, I know I can catch up on any lost days. The trick I need to master is if life throws me a curve ball is being able to keep the words flowing while other elements are testing me. But hopefully that won’t happen, if it does I’ll do the best I can to work through.

Here We Go

We are just a couple of hours away from NaNoWriMo kicking off for 2018. I’ve got a feeling this year is going to be a fantastic year for not only my home region but for NaNo overall.

I won’t be joining in on my regions midnight kick off. Partly because I’ve got work tomorrow, but mainly because this cold I’ve got is kicking my arse and I’m pretty exhausted because of it. It also means I’ll be starting off slowly this year. Normally I like to get a few days at the start of NaNo with 2k days but this year I’m going to ease myself into it while I’m beating the crap out of this cold.

I’m going to get cracking at about 7am tomorrow, once I’ve had a bit of tea at the least. But I know what I’m starting with and am very excited about the shorts I’ll be working on this year.

If you’re taking part please feel free to add me as a buddy (I’m Peter Germany on the site). If you’re new to NaNo, all I’ll say is just crack on! It doesn’t matter if you don’t hit the word count each day, hell it doesn’t matter if you don’t hit the 50k. Just write. Don’t worry about other peoples word counts, there are people who will hit target within a few days, less in some cases. Just write how you write.

If you can get to one of your regional writing meets then please do. I’ve found them to be a lot of fun and very inspirational.

Finally, good everyone!

NaNoWriMo 2018………Just A Few Days To Go

So, we are just a few days away from this years NaNoWriMo. I’ve got my regional kick-off party this afternoon which I’m really looking forward to, and one last meet of a regular meet organised by an ML on Wednesday.

I am really excited for this years NaNo. Last year got derailed by life, which could happen at anytime to be fair.

A failed attempt at planning when I got to work and realised I didn’t have anything in my folder to write on.

This year I am going to fo do something a little different. Last year I had to write a short story for an anthology which I had a very short window to have it done in. Thankfully it was one that I had an idea for anyway and was able to get it done. But it took me away from NaNo. So this year I’m going to write a short story collection. I think some will be very short, barely a thousand words. While others may get up to novella lengths. I’m doing this partly to be flexible. If I have a sudden submission I need to do (I’m not expecting to but you never know) then I can add that story as part of the collection. Another factor is I always get to a point where I hit a wall. I’ll find a plot hole, or the story comes to an end 15,000 words before the 50k. So if I get stuck this year, I can just switch to another story and get rolling again (hopefully!). There is also the chance that one will catch fire and then if that happens I’ll role with it for as long as I can.

All I want to do preparation wise before Thursday is figure out which of the story ideas I’ve got I want to (and am ready to) start first. Some ideas are already quite well thought, others are just one sentence.

It also allows me to crack on with my main project as well. I can always write scenes in my NaNo file and then copy and paste those scenes into the projects main folder.

I am going to be hosting a couple of write-ins this year in my region, which is something I’ve not really done before but I’m looking forward to it. Being an ML (Municipal Liaison) is something that appeals to me, but I work long hours and need to get my head around my own time management before I commit to being an ML.

A successful NaNo prep (ie, I remembered the notebook!)

This will be my eighth ¬†NaNoWriMo, I’ve hit 50k three times in the previous seven years and I do consider myself a veteran. I know it’s good to write more than the minimum when you can as there will always be days where you won’t hit the 1666 or get a zero word day. No matter how well you plan, life can get in the way in ways that you have no control over.¬†And, this is important, it doesn’t matter if you don’t hit the 50k. What matters is you just write. Put words down on paper or into the digital world. Don’t worry about editing. Don’t worry about whether it makes any sense. Don’t worry about how many words more others are doing (some people can write at unbelievable speeds). Just write your story. Worry about everything else after NaNo. You can’t edit nothing.

NaNoWriMo 2018 Build Up

Building up to this years NaNoWriMo has felt a little different to other years. Partly because I want to win again this year, last year got a little derailed by real world stuff. It’s also because I’ve decided to do NaNo differently this year. I was going to work on a military science fiction story I’ve got in mind. It would have been my third attempt at getting it off the ground but I’ve realised I’m not ready to write it yet. Aside from the fact I’ll need to do some extensive outlining I haven’t decided how I want to tell this story. There’s also the case that I don’t feel like I’ve got the experience and skill set to write it yet. I’d like to get a couple longer, completed stories under my belt before I tackle it.

Then I decided to rewrite my vampire story from a few years ago. This is a collection of ten stories that are all tied together, serialised I guess but they’re all in the first person perspective and for what I want to do with book two I need to change format. Now at one stage I was going to just rewrite it as a novel but then I thought I’d just write all the episodes in the third person point of view. That wasn’t sitting right with me though, some of these stories work really well as told from first person. So I spoke to my Beta readers and decided to do a massive edit, and keep some stories that are told from that first person point of view while I’ll adjust others so they’re told from the third person. I think this will work really well for this collection and give me a lot more freedom for future works in this universe.

With having changed my mind twice now, and not really having anything that I can get to 50k ready to go I’ve decided to work on short stories and novellas. If I try to run with an idea for a longer piece from one of my ideas I know it’s just going to crash and burn and I’ll spend the next five years faffing about with it to try and get it close to how I want it (PE3 is a prime example of this). This way I can be a lot more flexible. If I get stuck with one, I can move onto another one. If a story really isn’t working at all I can do the same. On the other side of that, if something catches fire I can just run with it and see where it takes me. It also works if I come across a submission call that takes my fancy as well (last year I wrote a story for Burdizzo Books second annual 12 Days of Christmas 2017 anthology during NaNo).

I’m hoping this way will help when I hit the mid-NaNo slump, and if life gets in the way it won’t be as difficult to keep putting words out because I won’t be having to think too much about bigger arcs and so forth.

There’s not long to go now, and I’ve got PE3 to be getting done before then. So I’m going to almost have a mini-NaNo before we kick off on the 1sr of November.

I hope all you other NaNoers out there are getting as excited as I am, and your preparation (however you do it) is going well.

Writing Projects State Of Play

I’ve got a lot of projects that are kind of half done or will need a lot of editing or rewriting, and a few more which are in early stages. Here is a list of what I’ve got going on. This is listed in random order and is more of a demonstration of what I’ve got in the air at the moment. I won’t be putting story titles as many haven’t got them so will place holders, and with collaborations I’m going to leave a name out as it’s early days with that one.

  • PE3: This is the priority at that moment. I’m almost done with the rewriting/editing part and I’m getting near the stage where I’ll be writing fresh material and will be bringing it to an ending. I would like to have this one down by the end of October.
  • TPP: This is a short story that I’ve written, edited and have today (26-9-18) received beta notes back on. So I’ll be aiming to have this one done by the end of the month.
  • WC: I was going to write this one for NaNoWriMo this year, but I’m not ready to. Both in the sense I’ve got to get a lot more planning done but also I don’t think I’m there as a writer yet. I don’t feel I’ve got the chops for it yet.
  • Vampire novel: This one is going to be a big project for early next year. Some of it will be rewritten from a 1st person point of view to being in the 3rd person. I’m also going to change a few details and adjust characters and do a number of changes. This was also going to to be something I was going to do for NaNo, but when I was going to rewrite it. But I’ve decided not to rewrite it and just do this massive edit instead.
  • AEX: This one I’ve written a couple of scenes and done a little research and I’m really loving it, but I’m having to stop myself working on it as I don’t want to get pulled into another story while I’ve got so many others to wrap up, but I think this will be one that may get bumped up.
  • SKC: This one is going to be a very big project for me. It’s ambitious and something I really do not feel I’ve got the writing chops for yet. It will take a lot of research into some very dark places but it’s a story that I think if I plan, research and get my head into properly could be a standout novel for me. I am planning on writing a prequel short story to it as part of NaNoWriMo which will be a much more intimate story in one location most liekly.
  • Collaborations With Owen: These are on hiatus. I think Owen has moved away from writing. This is fair enough, and I fully respect his decision. I might look to do something with these properties in the future (with Owen’s full consent and done so legally, I’m not going to screw a friend over), but as of this moment I think there won’t be any movement on these for the foreseeable future.
  • Collaborations with Chrystalyn: These are also on hiatus. Chrystalyn hasn’t been in a position to write for a while, but hopefully that will change in the near future. We are still shooting ideas at each other and hopefully sooner than later we’ll get moving on them.
  • BBH: This is a collaboration with a new writer I’ve recently met that I’m not going to say much about. We’re in the early stages of brainstorming, although it’s on the back burner at the moment while we both work on over avenues.
  • MyGP: This is a short story that I wrote that I am planning on expanding into a bigger universe. I’ve got an idea of how but It’s not going to be worked on for a while outside of notes and planning.
  • NaNoWriMo 2018: This will essentially be a short story collection, with the odd one stretching into novella length territory. With a few novel ideas in mind but none nearly close to being where I want to work on them. I thought this might be the best course of action. If I get stuck on one then I can move onto another, and if one catches fire I’ll just run with it. I like this idea as it means I can be more flexible with what I’m working on.
  • WW2: This is a story set in the second world war, that I am not remotely ready to write. I need to do a lot of research before I can begin and is another story that I don’t feel like I have the ability to do yet.

Well, that’s it. Those are all the pieces I’m thinking about, if not working on directly. With a couple, namely the collaborations with Chrystalyn and Owen there are multiple pieces that I’ve put under one umbrella because otherwise this list would be three times the length.

In the near future I am going to sit down and figure out a schedule for all of these.