7/2/23 – Flash Post

Good evening all, just a quick post tonight.

I’ve edited almost 10000 words on Black Blood over the last couple of days. This was despite work today, and a lot of errands yesterday morning.

I’m rewatching Orange Is The New Black, I’ve not seen it in a year or so. It’s easy to forget how good a show is. This is one of the best tv shoe out there in my opinion. Definitely worth a watch.

Right folks, have an awesome evening all ☺️

Orange Is The New Black

I’m re-watching Orange Is The New Black and its a show I do like a lot. I like the complexities the show has in it. From the main Piper Chapman storyline to what seems like the most throw away storylines for what look to be minor characters, there is an undercurrent of quality in this show that I’ve rarely seen on TV. There are characters in this show that seem minor but then we get an episode that focuses on them and their backstory. It’s nice seeing such thought put into each character, and I wonder how much thought has been put into each of these characters.

The funny thing about the show is; theres a lot of the characters and storylines that I almost hate. Some of that is a personal thing, I’m not one for a lot of confrontation and stirring trouble up, and some of it is people just being dumb. Then I remind myself how dumb human beings can be.

Now normally with some things I’d have dropped it and moved onto something else, not because somethings bad but normally because it’s not my cup of tea.

The reason why I’ve been pulled into, and looking forward to season four,  Orange Is The New Black is because of the depth of writing, the quality of the acting, the strength of the production, and everything else and all of the hard work that goes into making this show. Also though, the show feels like it has a lot of heart in it. The cast seem to have a lot of love for each other, and that affection comes across on camera. From what I’ve seen on social media they all show each other a lot of support outside of the set. I’ve only seen a few pieces of behind the scenes footage, but it seems they have a lot of fun there.

I’ve mentioned that there’s parts of the show that I don’t like, including characters, but that is just an indication of how good the writing is, and how good the acting is. Poor acting can destroy a good script, bad writing can do the same for an actors performance. Good writing, combined with good acting, and everything else that a good show has, now that is something that is hard not to enjoy and appreciate.

Something else I have noticed about the show is just how diverse Orange Is The New Black is. Race, religion, sexuality, body type, personality, mental states; it’s all there. You don’t just see one type of person on the show, theres characters from all walks of life in this show and whether I like or dislike the character I believe in each and every one of them and that makes it so much more engaging to watch.

This is a show where it feels like nothing is off the table, and that makes this a really exciting show to be watching because as a viewer I never know what I’m about to see.

I can’t wait for season four.