Good Evening – 5th April 2022

Howdy folks, how are we all doing?

I’ve had a few days off from writing but got 596 words today as I begin typing up one of the short stories I wrote earlier this year. I was going to start the final pass on zombie book, I need to add the rewritten ending but I got intimidated by it but will get stuck in soon. Sometimes I need to let myself process something like this. It’s kind of like my brain needs to retrieve the information I’ve got stored about this project and I can start working out what I need to do before I dive in.

Majestic kitty!

I’ve not done much work on my Ko-Fi page but it’s still moving forward. I’ll be having membership open but it’s not quite ready yet.

I have been managing to read a little the last few days and hopefully that’s a good start to getting back into the swing of things with reading.

Right, I’ll leave you with the short film Serial Pensioner that the fantastic Leah Solmaz created that’s based on my short story of the same name.

Serial Pensioner

Hey folks, here it is. The animated adaptation of my short story ‘Serial Pensioner’ by the fantastic Leah Solmaz.

Here are Leah’s links, please check them out and show her some love! Instagram – Website –

Good Afternoon, 29/10/21

Good afternoon, folks! I hope everyones day is going well?

I’ve spent the last half an hour or so looking through files for an early draft of Penal Earth, which I found and printed out as I’m going to mine it for book two. I also printed off three short stories from that universe as since my mum read Penal Earth and The North Side, she’s been asking me for more of that world. That is part of the push behind bumping the second book up. Penal Earth is my most completed novel length piece as of this moment (just gotta save up for an editor to look it over) and I’m itching to get back into that world and play with some of the story lines that were in that original draft that I wrote for NaNo 2015.

Now, I’m not going to dive in and start writing right now (it’s tempting but no). I want to read it through a couple of times, make a few notes and kinda scribble out what I don’t want and then copy and paste it into a new file and then start connecting those all together and tying it into book one.

With NaNo just a few days away I’m tempted to say I’ll do it for next NaNo 2022, but I’m not quite ready to commit to next years project just yet. After this years NaNoWriMo I’ll have a lot of editing to do and I’d like to get Zombie, Black Blood, and Vampire done and dusted. Or at least to the point where I can have them off to an editor once I’ve got the cash together. Zombie is still my priority. The cover art is all but done, and once I’ve gone through and done what needs to be done I’m probably going to send it off to the editor again just to make sure I’ve not cocked it up even more!

I’ve mentioned that Leah Solmaz has adapted a short story of mine(Serial Pensioner) into an animated short. Well it’s now done and will be out on Sunday! Below is a video Leah posted on her YouTube where she talks about that and what she’s been up to the last few months and what she’s got going on in the near future. Please have a watch and check out her work. She’s not only a talented actor, writer, producer, director but she’s a fantastic person as well.

Right folks, be kind and rock on!

Good Morning, 23rd of October 2021

Howdy folks! how are we all doing today?

Yesterday I managed to do an edit pass on Sweet Danny before starting work. I had an evening shift and didn’t get home till after ten, so I didn’t do anything after work really. (although I forgot myself and had a can of coke on the drive home so ended up awake and watching The Simpsons till gone 3am).

I did make a couple of notes for NaNoWriMo as well but not many. It is going to be with us before we know it and I’m not especially prepared for it, but that’s one of the reasons why I’m opting for short stories again as they won’t require as much planning and in some cases I can just wing it.

As for today, I’m going to get stuck into the edits from the editor on the zombie book.

Here’s a little teaser of Serial Pensioner that the fantastic Leah Solmaz is working on! So ridiculously excited about this!

Right folks, I hope you al have an epic day!

Good Morning! 19th of October 2021

Good morning! How are we all doing today?

Yesterday I edited 3477 words on my story Robert. It felt damn good getting stuck into some writing again. It’s been a damn sight harder getting back into the flow of work wrangling than I was expecting when I took a break last month, but with NaNoWriMo just a few days away now it’s time I really pushed to get going again,

Today’s goal is quite straight forward, finish this edit pass of Robert.

Small steps at the moment.

A little picture of the rain in my car windscreen and the lights of my works car park ☺️

I’m other very exciting news, the wonderfully talented Leah Solmaz is adapting one of my short stories into an animated short!!!!! Super excited about this and can’t wait to see the final product! It’s going to come out on Halloween. So keep your eyes open.