47 Meters Down Uncaged and Bait

I recently watched these two movies back to back and was quite impressed with both them. Although neither blew me away both films had me hooked pretty early on and were a great escape for a few hours.

47 Meters Down Uncaged is about four teenage girls who go cave diving threw caves that have old ruins in them and there happens to be a shark mooching about these submerged ruins. Obviously things go pear shaped and there’s people dying and lots of blood (awesome!), but the cast do pretty well and have you interested quickly. The story isn’t bad and I found the fact that four teenagers would do something daft like cave diving on their own with little experience quite believable. A few other moments had me raise my eyebrows a little bit never to the point of not believing the film, except one moment where someone dies and one of the girls is then swimming in that space. Like, wouldn’t the water still be somewhat bloody? But anyway. It works well, and the ending was pretty good I’d a little bit of a stretch. Well worth a watch.

Bait is another shark movie but this one takes place in a supermarket that is flooded after a tsunami and a shark or two gets in. Again, not the most complex of storylines but it works (it’s nice not seeing stories overly complicated for the sake of appearing smart). There’s a little more conflict amongst the characters in this one, a cops and robbers, grumpy employer, and daddy/daughter issues to name a few, but it works. Another decent cast that did admirable jobs while being soaking wet for the majority of the movie. There’s a few places where the writers stretch the imagination but overall it was enjoyable and a pleasant surprise. Another one that’s well worth a watch.

So two movies that I enjoyed and recommend. Both are on Netflix UK.

Shark Night 3D

I will admit that I did not have very high expectations for this film and I was proved right.  It’s almost an okay film but it’s trying to be Piranha 3D too much (which itself was not A particularly good film)  It is very, very, very predictable.  We know from within the first five to ten minutes who is going to survive.  I was really annoyed that Joel David Moore was not used better than he was.  He is A fine actor and needs to get himself some juicy roles to get his teeth stuck into.  Back to this film though.  The characters are pretty stereotypical, although Sara ( Sara Paxton) does have a little mystery to her.

Basically A group of college kids go to Sara’s private family owned island in the middle of a salt water lake and they get terrorized by sharks.  The bad guys are typical american red necked hicks (How many films have red necks as the bad guys?) We know as soon as we meet them that they are not going to play nice.  As for the sheriff (Donal Logue) We know what he’s going to do.

Those points are not what bug me the most, what annoys me is that this is another Shark attack film that doesnt look at the sharks themselves!!!! I tend to steer away from these films because it’s normally the same thing: shark attacks group of Explorers/holiday makers/ scientists blah blah blah! When are we going to get a film which tells us more about sharks than that they have evolved for millions of years and are the most efficient killing machines on the planet.  We know that! give us a shark film that has some real heart to it that shows us what sharks are!  They are the most evolved creature on this planet, why not make a film where, yes they attack Explorers/holiday makers/scientists, but do so in A smart way.  Or at least point out that if someone tries to cage a Great White it may get pissed off (cornering a killing machine aint such a good idea) Or if you want to swim in seas that sharks live in then accept that you may get attacked.  Its their domain, not ours.  No doubt more human beings are killed by other human beings a year then killed by sharks.




Basically what I’m trying to say is if you are going to re-visit something like a shark attack film, try something new.  It is going to be nigh on impossible to make another ‘Jaws’ so if you really want to make A shark attack film, try looking at the genre from another angle, you may make something that actually gets some attention.