Looking Into December

Moving out of NaNoWriMo I’m determined to keep the momentum that NaNo gave me going and increase my productivity from here on out. As I said I’m back on getting Project Apollo finished off and sent to Owen so he can go through it. I’m over halfway with The edits on Apollo now and once it’s done I’ll be going through the notes Chrystalyn Hope and myself have made on The Residents so it’s in my mind for when we start looking at it next year (okay I admit I made some additional notes last night 😛 )

Reading wise I’ve just started Shadows Of The Realm by Dionne Lister, I gave up with Shutter Island. I just couldn’t get into it. It wasn’t a book which was on my radar but Tracie wanted me to watch the movie so I thought I’d read the book first, I couldn’t get into it as I said so I’ll just watch the movie 😀
Shadows Of The Realm has started well and I’m looking forward to diving into it fully. This will be my first attempt at reading a fantasy story so I’m interested to see how I do with it. Normally I like my fiction to be at least modern day and future so it’s a step away from my normal genre.

TV wise I’ve just started working my way through The 4400. I’ve had this for a couple of months now but I’ve not really had a chance to start on it. I’ve got the entire collection so I can watch the entire run of it in my own time. I’m through to the fifth episode now and I’m enjoying it a lot so far.

Tomorrow night I’m off to see Catching Fire which I’m really looking forward to, but movie wise that’s about it for this month. Nothing else had really caught my eye movie wise. Me and Tracie may still try to see Carrie and Gravity is still one I’d like to see.

In the run up to Christmas though I will be mainly focusing on getting Project Apollo sorted, that will be done by Christmas. Oh and I need to finish off my Christmas shopping.


Throwing Out An Update

I’m lying tucked up in bed watching The Bone Collector trying to fend off a cold which I thought was gone but came back last night with all it’s little friends and attacked my immune system again. Generally I’m quite lucky in that I don’t really get ill, aside from colds, which always make me fuzzy headed. So I’ve gone from writing about two thousand words an evening to struggling to do a combined two thousand in the last two days.
So I’m lying here watching this film and I had the urge to write a blog post, so this will probably end up one colossal ramble 😀

This is one of my favourite movies, The Bone Collector. I’m a fan of Denzel Washington and I think he really pulls out an ace of a performance. I’m not a huge fan of Angelina Jolie but here she really shows her acting chops. The movies based on Jeffery Deaver’s book. Deaver is an author whose work I really should start consuming.

About a month ago I finished reading The Drawing Of The Three by Stephen King. This is the second book in King’s The Dark Tower series. This was a really good book, one which took me a fair amount of time to get through. The way King is writing these is difficult for me to read, but they are incredible fascinating.
After finishing it I started on Shutter Island, and I haven’t been sucked into it just yet. I’m thinking that I may put it to one side for a while, read something else and then go back to it later.

Writing wise my NaNoWriMo story has got a good shape to it now and I think when I go back to edit it I’m going to be able to add a lot to the places that I skimmed over and add a few more scenes to build the setting, the characters and the storyline itself. As I was about 9500 words short of the 50k I tried taking the story to the next stage and changed the point of view but I’m not feeling it hugely at the moment, I may scrape it later and make a follow up story of it. Not sure yet though.
I’m going to put the story down once November is done. As I said I have a really structure and I think my foundations are sound. In December I am going to go back to Project Apollo and get the final two thirds of this latest read through done and off to Owen for his thoughts.
There’s still a fair bot of work on Apollo but I’m aiming to have it done by Christmas.

I’ve mentioned that I’m planning on releasing a story via ebook early next year. This one is all but done, I’m thinking over notes from a beta reader and a couple of other people will be reading it in the next couple of months. Artwork is something I want to do right, I’ve been recommended a cover artist whose work I really like. I’m hoping I click with the artist (If they want to and have time to do it that is) because I have no idea of how I want the cover art to look. That’s a problem for next year though.

Right, I hope I haven’t rambled too much, I’m going to watch the end of this movie and then off to bed.


Diving In With No Idea

A couple of times recently Tracie (My Girlfriend) has talked about the movie Shutter Island, and how much she wants to talk to me about it. Now I haven’t seen this one and Tracie dosent want to ruin it by giving anything away so she wants me to watch it. It’s based on a book though, now for me that means I want to read the book first, so I’ve got it 🙂 I need to read it quickly though because I think Tracie would really like to have this chat about this movie.
The only thing that I know of this story is the title, and that Leonardo DiCaprio is in the movie. That’s it, I know nothing else and that’s how I’m going to read the book. I’m not going to read the blurb, I’m not going to google it, nothing. All I know is that people seemed to like the movie.

I like the idea of going in blind, in this day and age we think we know everything when we rarely do, but as I’ve said, I know nothing about this book, author, movie or the director of the movie. It feels a little liberating not having preconceptions 🙂