3rd March 2022

Good evening folks!

Today I’ve edited 1167 words, and I’m realising this pass of Zombie is part edit and part refresher, and part preparation for the next draft. There’s elements that I want to change but I need to let think grow a little more before I get stuck into those parts.

Right, only a short post today. I’m off to watch a movie shortly, once I’ve decided what I’m going to watch.

Rock on, folks!


Good Morning 18th of February 2021

Good morning, folks!

I’ve got working a couple of hours so I don’t have a lot of time to write. So this’ll be a shorter post today.

I’m not planning on doing anything else other than writing because I want to get stuck into this next story of the vampire book and see if I can get it rolling.

Right, that said it’s time to write. I need to be wrangling words when I can before work, it always sets me up for a good shift and a good day.

Rock on folks!

I’m useless before tea! 🤣