Chris Hardwick and Nerdist Shout Out

I’ve been listening to the Nerdist Podcast for a couple of years now, I’ve blogged about it in the past, but I want to talk a little about Chris Hardwick and his book, The Nerdist Way: How to Reach the Next (In Real Life). I listened to the audiobook which he narrates himself and he makes it a lot of fun. The book I’ve found really helpful in just the everyday stuff Hardwick talks about but most of my admiration for him comes from how he is as a person. He’s very optimistic and encouraging of following ones dreams. I’ve never heard him say anything malicious about anyone, he may crack the odd joke here and there (he is a stand up comedian too by the way) but generally he comes across as a stand-up bloke.

Hardwick decided to only work on things that he had a passion for and that started off the Nerdist network. In this he seems to be enjoying a very productive and successful career. He’s very supportive of his friends and is always doing something. I’ve heard him say more then once that he is a workaholic.

His positivity has ebbed over to me at a time when I’ve been looking at myself and focusing in on the good part of me that I want to overrule the more negative crap that we all have inside of us. Chris Hardwick has become one of the people that truly inspires me and I’ll be following him for a long time.