Being Me

I’ve spent the last seven years or so thinking I need to be wearing clothes with a designer logo on them. I got it in my head that wearing brands would help me be the person who I thought I wanted to be, but it wasn’t who I wanted to be. It was who I thought society wanted me to be.
Recently though, I’ve realised just how much crap that all is. I still like wearing the branded pieces I’ve got, and there is a certain quality to them as well which isn’t always found in clothes without a designer brand on them. That said though, I’ve brought a few pieces recently and the quality is there, I think the trick is buying the right clothing. I’m not looking at the cheapest, or the expensive; I’m looking at what I like and if it feels like cheap crap, I won’t buy it.


Recently I’ve brought a few new items of clothing: Three pairs of cargo trousers, two Gears of War T-Shirts (and a badass Gears of War hat), A Captain America T-Shirt and a Doom hoodie. I’ve also got a Punisher T-Shirt and my brother brought me a hoodie with a S.H.I.E.L.D. Logo proudly on the chest. (Yes, I know technically these are all brands).
These, I feel comfy in. I feel like myself when I’m wearing them. When I wear something with a designer brand emblazoned across the front I don’t feel anything, but if I’m wearing a Punisher T-Shirt, or a Captain America one, then I feel at home and I feel it says something about me. Yes, I’m geek, but also that I have a respect for what these characters stand for. It also can give the impression of what I’ve been through with these characters. I’m a comic book convert and will never be able to catch up with the decades of content there is, but that doesn’t make it any less meaningful of my journey over these last few years.

The same can be said with video games. If someone asks me about Doom, because I’m wearing that hoodie, I can tell them about playing the original and how I just kind of randomly wondered around. I can tell them how hard I found Doom 3, and how much I’m looking forward to really getting stuck into the latest game in the series. I can also go into my experiences with Gears of War, more so as Gears of War is one of my staple games. Aside from the one which didn’t focus on Marcus Fenix I’ve got them all and am itching to get the next game that is out soon.

I’ll probably get some T-Shirts and so on that represent the bands I like as well.


I’m buying the things I like. Whether that be something really geeky, or a designer piece that has taken my eye, but I’m not going to buy anything that I think others will like anymore. It’s got to be for me.

I’ve been denying who I am since my teens; now I’m seeing who I am again, I’m enjoying discovering myself. I’ve felt this for some time now.

I’m not going to hide it, I’m not going to change to please others or society overall.


Daredevil: Season 2

I am a big fan of the first season of Daredevil by Marvel and Netflix. I think it’s one of the best seasons of television I’ve ever seen. From the gritty action scenes and just how unapologetically violent it is to the actors and how they portray the characters to the writing and the pacing. I’m struggling to think of an element to it that felt slapped together. All in all its a beautifully crafted show, and we’re about to get a second season.

This is where I’m getting excited. As I’ve said, I loved the first season, but in season two we’re getting  Frank Castle, aka The Punisher. The Punisher is one of my favourite all time characters and I am itching to see how Jon Bernthal portrays him.

A couple of trailers and some images have been released and I’m even more looking forward to it now. Bernthal really does look the part.

Only about a month to go now.

The Punisher Is Returning! 

I was flicking through Facebook last night, as one does, and I saw a post from one of the various comic book pages I follow, announcing that not only would The Punisher be coming to the second season of Daredevil but they had cast Jon Bernthal as Marvels notorious vigilante.

When I read this I was sitting in my car waiting for someone, I hit my head on the roof lining of my car as I jump from the sheer joy of seeing this news. I am a huge fan of The Punisher, I think he is one of the most interesting characters that Marvel has created and I’ve been itching to see him appear in a Marvel Studios production. I’ve been seeing rumours that Netflix are going to have a Punisher series and I really hope that is the case. Casting Bernthal as Frank Castle/The Punisher to me is a statement of intent to do just that.

I think Bernthal is a natural for this role. We’ve seen his acting ability in The Walking Dead and I think he’s going to be able to pull off that tormented nature The Punisher has. He’s also got the physicality that is needed as well.  In his time in The Walking Dead he also should that he could be brutal and that is something that an actor playing The Punisher needs.

Needless to say, I’m a tad excited about this and I think Daredevil had better watch out because he won’t have come up against anyone like The Punisher before.

Rebooting The Punisher

In 2004 the film The Punisher was released. I want to talk a little about this movie and where I’d like to see this character go in the future. I’m not going to talk much about the sequel/reboot that had Ray Stevenson as The Punisher simply because I have not seen it since it came out (although I have just ordered it 🙂 )

*****Minor Spoilers of the Start of the Film*****

The 2004 movie stared Thomas Jane as Frank Castle, an FBI agent whose entire family is killed in a revenge attack by crime boss Howard Saint, played by John Travolta. Castle played a minor part in the death of one of Saint’s sons during an arms deal sting where Castle was undercover as a middle man in an illegal arms deal. Although Howard Saint initially only orders Castle’s death his wife Livia demands that castle’s entire family is killed. In a short battle Castle and his Dad manage to take down some of Castle’s men but only after a lot of his family, and Frank’s wife’s family have been slaughtered. His father is then murdered and he sees that his wife has fled with their son, with Saint’s men in close pursuit. Castle is too late to save his wife and son and is himself shot in the chest and blown off of a fuelling station on a pier. He survives and is brought back to health by a local fisherman he knows.

Then he sets out to get his revenge.


I’m not going to go into any more detail then that for the 2004 movie because I think I’ve put in enough spoilers there. I really like this film, I think Thomas Jane is an awesome Frank Castle/ The Punisher and I think it is a role that he is truly in love with. If anyone has seen the fan film he made along with Adi Shankar and Phil Joanou then you know how much affection Jane has for this character. I think he encapsulates The Punisher incredibly well and I would love to see him being able to explore the role in a lot more detail. This is where I would begin to Reboot the character. From what I know of Thomas Jane he is a creative person, he writes, produces and has directed a little too I believe so having him on board in the lead role and as a producer is an obvious decision. I’d bring in the tea behind Dirty Laundry as well, seeing how raw this short movie is and the heart that everyone involved in it had I think its also a bit of a no brainer. As for the cast I’d bring in Wayne Knight to reprise his role of Microchip which he played in The Punisher: Warzone. Aside from his physical resemblance to the character I think Knight has some decent acting chops and could easily be a foil for Castle. My first introduction to The Punisher was the 90’s Spiderman TV series where Castle was hunting down Spidey and he had Microchip helping him. In this interpretation he seemed to be Castle’s link back to humanity and from what I’ve read on Wikipedia of Microchip’s history in the comics I think it could prove to be a huge source of potential story lines. Microchip, from what I know, also serves The Punisher like Q serves James Bond, gives him lots of toys to do his job.

This is where my lack of comic book reading holds me back a little. From a little reading up on Wikipedia and from what I’ve seen of him on screen I think the right team could put together a good supporting cast. There has got to be a few good writers out there that have grown up reading The Punisher so lets get them on board to. Getting people that love this character on board on the production and writer staff to me is vital.

I think a total reboot would be a good idea as this would let the show have free reign and not be restricted by past interpretations. I also think this should be a TV series. The Punisher seems like a character that would be served better in an HBO style series over ten, maybe twelve episodes. I’m thinking a studio like HBO would be good because they don’t hold back. The Punisher is a very dark character and I think he needs to be on a channel that does not have the restrictions that some networks have. Make this an adult show, don’t hold back because I think it would harm the character if they did.


I really want to see this one rebooted, I don’t know who holds the rights to the character now, I think it’s Marvel but I wouldn’t swear to it. But The Punisher is one of those characters that we need in comics that is the counter balance of  the likes of Captain America, Tony Stark/Iron Man and Thor. He will do what they wont do and he has no qualms about doing it. He’s an anti-hero that could be a huge success on screen if done right.

We as an audience love to see the nasty side of life, what better character to show us it then The Punisher.