And We’re Off!


Day one of NaNoWriMo and I’ve made a good start by hitting a little over 3000 words, almost 2000 of them in about two hours this evening which I am pretty chuffed about 😀 I’m not exactly a NaNo veteran but I know that this is the initial excitement of NaNo which is bringing forth the motivation. Last year I got about ten days in before I started loosing that motivation. As I’ve said I’m hoping that having done a little perpetration will help but also now that I know a few other writers who are also doing NaNo so that’s my little circle. When I am struggling I know they will be there to support me and my support will be there for them, and there is also my competitive side 😉 lol.

Right now though I am chilling out with a little Sarah Connor Chronicles before bed. I’m setting my alarm for a half an hour earlier then normal as I am not a morning person. It takes me about five, ten minutes to get out of bed of a morning so I’m hoping that setting my alarm earlier will allow me to wake up before I start my morning writing session.