A Little Break From The Fiction

After a few days where I’ve been feeling like I am constantly on the verge of falling asleep whenever I sit down I’ve decided to ease off the writing side of life and have a week, maybe two, just taking it easy. I had a burn out moment earlier in the year and it got to the point where I almost fell asleep as I was driving. I’m still going to be scribbling down any ideas that I have but I’m not going to be starting my main project for the first part of the year till mid January.

What am I going to do instead of writing/researching/editing? Well I will be sleeping lol No I’m going to be reading a little, watching DVDs. I’ve got series 2 of The Walking Dead and Series 2 of Rome to watch as well as The Women In Black. I’m also going to be playing a little Xbox too.

This time will also give my mind a little breathing space to compute some bits and pieces of the stories that I am working on at the moment.

This Weeks Goals

This week I’m going for a simple 1000 word, word count target because I have a bit of decorating to do this week which I’ll be doing around the day job so I’ll only have a few hours each night to do this.  After the first night I’m already behind!  Aside from that I’d like to get to about three-quarters of the way through Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451. 

One thing I’m looking forward to this week is going over to a friend’s house with my girlfriend to watch The Woman In Black with him and his partner. We have not had one of these movie nights for a while now so I’m really looking forward to chilling out with some good friends and watch what I’ve been told is a really good film.

Those are my simple goals for the week, even I should be able to achieve them! LOL  That said I am feeling pretty inspired from my trip to Oxford and talking to my friend Cinta.  Something that has kind of hit me recently is how I want one of my books to arc out and the message that I’m saying with it.  It’s not just a black and white story as I thought it may be.  I think I can put something stronger into it.

Something I am a little worried (Excited) about is a story that Owen is working in our Project Apollo universe, he ended an email about with simply this;  “I’m fueled on gin and coffee and this is full of plot holes”  Owen is a genius so when he ends an email like that I know that it’s going to be good 😀