Finding Insperation And What Influences Our Creativity

For my birthday my girlfriend got me a number of DVDs most of which are best described as gritty British Gangster/Football Hooligan films, so I have spent the week watching theses films and they have got me thinking about how I am writing my own fiction. I guess this comes under ‘How the world around us influences our work’ but this doesnt mean that I am going to write a story set in one of these worlds. I don’t have that deep knowledge of these worlds but it gave me some good little ideas about dialogue, character building and the look and feel of a story. These Films are Green Street, Snatch, Rise Of The Footsoldier and The Football Factory. Throw in Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels then you have some half decent films that look at a world in which series people operate and although some of it is rather humorous at times these are very powerful films.
Movies generally give me plenty of places to find. Avatar gave me more ideas than I could share here and the beginning of the film 127 hours have me an idea involving a wind turbine. So it’s not just the sci-fi films that spark an idea. For me I think it’s a case of seeing something that triggers an image in my head that I can then write a story around, or a scene at least, around what has sparked the idea.

I’ve talked about how some of the music that I listened to in my younger days has had a lasting effect on me and my writing so I’ll spare you from repeating myself, but it’s mainly an effect of liking the things that may be hiding in the shadows, the unknown world which is created by our imagination.    Two songs that truly inspires me to write are Birthright by Celldweller and Written In The Stars by Tinie Temper.  Both these songs make me want to write every time I hear them.

Obviously books are quite a strong source of inspiration for me.  Scott Sigler is a very big influence as is Dan Abnett and Joe Haldeman, but the writer that really hooked me with their novels and got me reading was Tom Clancy,Rainbow SixandWithout Remorseare two of his books that I am especially fond of.  As someone in my late teens and early twenties who had never really read anything I was blown away by what Clancy wrote and I pretty much read just his work for a good three or four years.  I suppose this is why Project Phoenix is quite heavily military because that’s what I was reading at the time of starting the novel.  Going back to Sigler for a moment though I’d just like to say that he properly inspires me to because he had to work very hard to get where he is today and I think he is a great example to anyone that has a dream that they are chasing.

I try to take something from all the movies and books and music and television shows that I watch and also the odd video game that I play.  It’s hard for me to pin down just how all these different mediums influence and inspire my writing but I think that each and every one of these does in different ways.

What inspires you?  How does the world around you influence how you write?