This week has been almost a total loss as I have had a severely painful dental issue come up and since Tuesday I haven’t had a decent nights sleep, or a meal come to think of it, well until tonight that is. Most of my strength has been directed towards the day job and just getting me through that. I’ve been to the dentist and the problem is being sorted out but it has been very painful few days.
Needles to say I haven’t done any work on Project Apollo since an abortive attempt on Tuesday and the same can be said of my NaNoWriMo preparations. I’ve lost track of blog reading and writing, but strangely enough I’ve read a fair bit of The Drawing Of The Three by Stephen King. I also listened to Neuromancer by William Gibson. I’m going to give it another listen though as I was listening to is as I was in pain and I couldn’t really keep track of the story.

I am a lot better today then I have been but I am still not near 100% and I am very tired. Health is something that I try not to let get in my way. Mostly I just crack on and get through if I’m not feeling well, but toothache, damn. I don’t think I’ve ever had any pain that bad in my entire life!

Once I finish work tomorrow I think I’ll be getting in bed and just resting for the weekend. I’m supposed to be going out for a friends birthday tomorrow night and off out with Tracie Sunday but I thinking just going to stay in and rest, then get firing on all cylinders next week.