A Productive End To A Dire Month

Today, I wrote just over 700 hundred words on a story that was baffling me and Owen for about a month now, but hopefully Owen is happy with it and we can get the story wrapped up.  I popped up a 700ish word blog post as well so I’ve written a lot today which I’m rather chuffed about 🙂 I’m halfway through some time off so I have done very little, aside from chilling and a trip to Colchester Zoo with my Girlfriend (We’re almost came home with a little monkey, or two lol)

I’m on the home stretch of the book I’m reading, then begins the task of choosing the next book that I’m going to read.

A few months ago I saw Cabin In The Woods and I’ve got to say that I really liked it.  I liked the way it played with the traditional views of this type of film.

Aside from that there’s not much to say.  I’m hoping this is the end of the writer’s block and will be steaming into June with the intent to get some fiction written.

Can I recommend checking out this episode of the Escape Pod podcast http://escapepod.org/2011/08/04/ep304-union-dues-%e2%80%93-sidekicks-in-stockholm/ it’s a story by Jeffery R. DeRego in his Union Dues universe and I just loved this story, like I have done all the other stories in this universe.

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