Changing My Approach To The Epic Of Gilgamesh

A couple of weeks ago Owen gave me a couple of books as an early birthday present and one of these was The Epic Of Gilgamesh. It’s one of those books where it has a 50 odd page introduction to it and explains a lot of the background details and so forth. Now me being me I thought, well it’s a 120 odd pages, I’ll knock that out in a week……. Err no. Two weeks in and I’ve still not got to the end of the introduction and it’s struck me that I’ve approached it the wrong way. So far I’ve been treating it like I’m reading for fun when I should be treating as more of an exercise.
I am not one for historic reading, it’s just not me. Especially when it’s this type of book. My mind isn’t wired like that and it’s not something which fascinates me enough to read through it quickly. I’m enjoying learning about that era and the efforts to find out more but it’s a slog of read and that’s why I’m going to treat it as an exercise. This afternoon I’m going to sit down and try and read through it as if it is an assigned task, which it kind of is. Owen would not have given me it if he didn’t think I’d learn something of great use from it. Even the other book he got me, The Earthsea Quartet by Ursula K. Le Guin which I’m very confident I’ll really enjoy reading will have something within it he knows i will learn from. He’s sneaky like that 🙂

So that is my plan…..let’s see if it works 🙂

***flash post, so please excuse any typos etc.***