A Comfortable Writing Enviroment

I listen to a lot of writers being interviewed and something that I always find fascinating is hearing about where they write.  Some need to lock themselves away from the world whereas others can sit in a crowded coffee-house and write away and some can just write anywhere that they can.  Some have a room which is empty aside from a desk and a chair.  Others cannot have the internet connected (I can see the appeal).  Others have heavy metal music or calm classical music to listen to.

Personally I can write just about anywhere in any situation.  I have been in nightclubs where people have been packed in like sardines and have had an amazing idea where I’ve stood to one side and written an idea out quickly on my smart phone, but my ideal writing environment is somewhere quiet with very few distractions.

This is my desk at home where most of my writing is done (it’s actually quite tidy at the moment)


I can write in more unusual places.  I work at a car sales by day and our little staff area is not very glamorous but I make the most of it when I take my laptop to work to get some words typed.  I’ve also typed and hand written when I’ve been parked up in cars, although I struggle to write whilst someone else is driving.  I can write when I’m with family and friends but I don’t get anywhere near as much done.  Sunday I was hanging out with family and I got about 1100 words written over, about five hours whereas tonight I’ve been locked away from the world in nigh on total silence and I’ve knocked out just over 1400 words.

I know a lot of writers do love to have some music in the back round and I agree at times I need something that I can shut out of my conciousness but I cannot write with loud music or particularly heavy music.  For me music can only be that white noise in the background.

Where we write is not something that is the same for each one of us, it is as personal as the words that we write down.