WIP Challenge

Vikki over at http://the-view-outside.com/ tagged me in on this and I found her answers really fun, so here’s my answers 🙂


1. WHAT IS THE TITLE OF YOUR BOOK/WIP? At the moment we’re calling it Project Delphi, but it does have a name.  We’re keeping that to ourselves for the time being though 😉

2. WHERE DID THE IDEA FOR THE WIP COME FROM? I cannot truly answer that myself because my writing partner came up with the basic story line.

3. WHAT GENRE WOULD YOUR WIP FALL UNDER? definitely Science Fiction

4. WHICH ACTORS WOULD YOU CHOOSE TO PLAY YOUR CHARACTERS IN A MOVIE RENDITION? This is a tough question to answer, simply because most of the characters not human so I think a lot of CGI and motion capture like that of Avatar and Lord Of The Rings would be needed.  Our main character is human though and I think Gary Oldman would be brilliant in the role.

5. WHAT IS THE ONE-SENTENCE SYNOPSIS OF YOUR WIP? An innocent man framed and has to clear his name to prevent a war.


7. HOW LONG DID IT TAKE YOU TO WRITE? Too long, we wrote three very different drafts and we’re about to send off to our beta readers.

8. WHAT OTHER WIPS WITHIN YOUR GENRE WOULD YOU COMPARE IT TO?  Any space opera out there like Star Trek

9. WHICH AUTHORS INSPIRED YOU TO WRITE THIS WIP?  Owen M.G. Arnold. Owen is my writing partner and he’s been my inspiration for the story as he’s been coming up with so many great ideas and has finally managed to get this universe which we have been playing with for years off the ground.

10. TELL US ANYTHING ELSE THAT MIGHT PIQUE OUR INTEREST IN THIS PROJECT.  This is not only going to be mine and Owen’s first published work (We’re self publishing it on Kindle) but it’s my first published work as well.  So it will be the first thing that either of us have ever had exposed to the world.