Good Morning, Sunday 20th of March 2022

Howdy folks, how are we all doing today?

Got a Sunday off so I can do a post this morning. For long term readers of my blog you’ll know that I used to do a Good Morning post every Sunday morning. I’d sit in an armchair with my laptop on my lap, Dizzy sat on the arm of the chair and our late dog Pacey stretched out across the floor at my feet somewhere.

Those posts I’d write what I was planning to do that day, I can’t remember how often I hit those goals because that was two or three years ago now, probably longer to be honest. But I liked it because it was a statement of intent, it was accountability. That is something I’m still trying to find a way to make work. I set out my goals for the month and then into the next seven days. I still feel like I’m not writing to any sort of plan. I know the projects I’ve got to work on and where some of them are but I need to get myself some more organisation and then stick to it.

At the moment I’m trying to focus in on what days I’m productive, and I’ve found there’s often a point in the week where writing does have to ease off a bit. Now do I set out softer goals, or do I load my writing week according to when I’ve been most productive? that is a little difficult as where I work shifts I don’t have that regular working rota. So, I’ll need to play that into consideration each week. I do try to do this but again. It’s something I need to be better at figuring out, because at the moment I know I need to step up. I Need to. It’s that time to do so. I don’t have a choice in the matter. It’s where I’m being pulled.

I feel like I’m moving in the right direction, but it’s a slow journey. I need to find ways to speed that up. I don’t fear going too fast and cocking things up because what I’m talking about is just getting things done. My main three projects are all in different stages of the editing process. I can work on one, then move to the next while the previous one is with a beta reader or an editor for example (I can hear Armand Rosamilia shouting at me about editing by the way!).

It literally feels like I’m one step away from making the next big leap in my writing career. It’s not just time to do that, it’s past time to do that.