Good Evening, 17th of July 2021

Hey folks, how are we all doing tonight?

I wrote 700 and something words and edited maybe 500 on a low writing day. Tomorrow will be another low writing day as I’ve got a long work day.

This next two weeks or so. Well to the end of the month I know exactly what I want to do. Basically doing an out loud read through of three stories which are all but done. Then I’ll get them sent off to beta readers and then off to editors when I’ve got the money.

Cute Doggo!

Speaking of money, this is the link to my Buy Me A Coffee page. Here you can make a contribution to my writing fund. Any funds I receive go straight to my editing and cover art fund. I do work and put money from my day job into writing, but any additional funds I get I’m super happy for. I understand times are tough, and I’m not going to put this in every post. But a little reminder once in a while doesn’t hurt.

And you know what, all my posts there are free to read! So go and have a look. I do post different content there than I do here. So, it’s worth a look I think.

Right, I’m off! I hope you’re all having a fantastic weekend!

Good Morning, 16th July 2021

Good morning, Folks! How’s everyone doing today?

I’ve written 885 words on a new short story today. And damn boy did those words fly out! And they’re pretty disturbing as well. If it reads as uncomfortable as they were to write then iv done the job right! I managed to get a characters voice feeling pretty damn genuine as well.

It felt good just letting myself go, I’ve not done that in a long time.

But right, just a quickie this morning. I’m off to Rochester with a friend for a wander and cake!

Good Afternoon, 15th July 2021

Hey folks, I ended up writing 1038 words today, and I dived into research for a book I’m preparing for.

After listening to this weeks Mando Method podcast and hearing Armand and Chuck discussing my half year progress, I’ve realised that I am editing too much. It’s time to send my stuff out to beta readers and then editors. I keep striving for perfection but I’m probably too close to it now.

I’ve been editing a lot recently because my brain just isn’t putting the words together. I don’t believe in writers block, professional writers rarely get that from what I’ve heard so I’m not going to spurt it out.

Not at desk, but still doing some work, just not at the same pace! 😁

As I have been struggling with new words I’ve thrown myself into editing and aiming for perfection which will never be achieved, and I can’t improve if others aren’t reading it.

This weeks Mando Method really rammed home I need to get my arse back into the reading. I am struggling with it but I just need to force myself to.

Really hard typing around a cat!

I’m going to do one more pass on Penal Earth, simply because I want to add a couple of little world building details. Black Blood, I’m going to say its done. And not edit it again. With the vamp book, I want to do one more pass through with it. This one was the most messy of the three and I want to make sure I’ve got my continuity right in the story, but also in the writing. This book started off being told from a 1st person point of view and I want to make sure there aren’t any POV tags I’ve missed.

Black Blood will be off to Beta Readers now, and I’ll go from there.

Right, I’m off to do a little more work as I chill out before dinner! Have fun folks!

Good Morning, 15th July 2021

Howdy folks, yesterday I wrote 534 words on the vampire book and the rest of the day I chilled out a little. A lot of early starts recently and I was feeling more than a little drained.

Today I’ve got a few things I’d like to do. One of which is reading through the notes from my editor on the zombie book. I’m not ready to start making changes yet, but I am going to be making my own notes as I go. I’d like to get some words written today on one of the short stories I’m working on as well. I’m tempted to do that first as that’ll give me plenty of time to read through the notes for zombie and I can get it (hopefully) read through today.

A video I did a couple of weeks ago 🙂

I’m doing pretty well on my goals for the month. Two have been ticked off now, and I feel confident that I can achieve each one. Even the video one!

Right, I’m going to get started now. I hope you all have a fantastic day!

Good Morning! 14th July 2021

Howdy folks!

How are we all doing?

I’ve just written about 500 words on vampire, having a Bluetooth keyboard for my iPad again has been money well spent already!

I’ve got a short work day, and then a couple of days off, so I’m looking to get stuck in and find some productivity and hopefully get close to finishing one of these short stories.

I hope you all have a fantastic day!

13th July 2021

8550 edited on the vampire book today, plus added 111 words to it. Which brings that edit to an end. What I’ll do now is continue rewriting the section I started the other day and see how it comes together.

After that I called it a day with the writing. I had a few bits and pieces to do so I cracked on with those and come tomorrow I’ll be writing again.

In addition to the vampire piece rewrite I’ve got the story from NaNoWriMo 2019 to work on. I think those two will be my focus for a few days and the. I’ll likely do a read through of the editors notes for zombie.

Raven deciding I was a seat, and can you tell I’d not had tea when this picture was taken?

For now, I’m gonna watch a movie and then get to bed.

Have an awesome evening all!

Good Evening, 12th July 2021

Hey folks, I’ve done 6200 words edited on the vampire book, and just shy of 800 words written on a new short story today.

I’m nearing the end of the vampire edit now. Only two more chapters to go, not sure how many words that is.

The short story is one that I started in 2019 for NaNoWriMo and I feel like I can actually get it to somewhere that’ll be good now. I’d ran out of steam with it in NaNo 2019 but now it’s speaking to me.

I woke up this morning to a mouse on my floor, obviously Raven wanted to play overnight!

Overall, a productive day and a good start to the week.

Good Morning, 12th of July 2021

Good morning folks! Last night the England men’s football team played a 120 minutes and then penalties in our first final appearance since the year we won the World Cup in 1966. This wasn’t the World Cup but a European Championships and in the end it ended in heartbreak. I just want to take a mi it’s here to say how proud I am of our team. We stepped up at the time we needed to and going into the World Cup qualifiers I think we’ve got a lot to be excited for. I will just congratulate Italy on their win, but don’t get too comfy with that trophy, we’ll be coming back for it in 2024.

That’s enough about football. Yesterday was a low impact writing day. I’m not sure how today will play out writing wise. Although I slept lat night it took time for me to drop off and then I had a very unsettled nights sleep. So I’m feeling rather wiped out right now.

I would like to get a chapter edited on the vampire book, which feels a little daunting as I know the chapters from here on out only get bigger! But, I’ll see how I am after work.

I love driving in the rain (picture taken when I parked)!

11th July 2021

Hey folks, I managed to punch through some of my recent difficulties with writing by cracking out a thousand words today. It’s not a new story, but a rewrite of one of the vampire ones. I’ve had a rough couple of days and tried to channel some of that into the story. It’s one that I think needs something a little more personal to tell the story I want to tell.

Writing wise that’s all I’ve done today. It was a long shift at work, not a bad shift though. It went quickly but due to a lot of problems sleeping I’ve not done a lot tonight aside from a little work on a coming blog post.

Tomorrow is a new day, a new week. So let’s make it a good one.

Even though I wasn’t working long tonight, Raven still decided to sit on what I needed.

10th July 2021

Good evening, folks. I got 5948 words edited on my vampire book, I also added 230 words to it as well. I shoulda got more done today. My head just isn’t in it at the moment, which is why I’m not doing a real deep edit on it. That’s also another reason why I’m kind of holding off on the zombie book.

I have also written 391 words on a new story which was more of a stream of consciousness than anything else. Maybe a little more closer to home than I’d like to admit too, but as I’ve struggled to write so much recently I’ll take anything at the moment.

I still have a dictionary/thesaurus that I use because spellcheck doesn’t always get the word I mean 😛

I’ve got a long shift tomorrow, so I’m not sure how much writing work I’ll get done. I’ll be taking my new Bluetooth keyboard and try and get some words written that way. I am struggling to write at the moment but I think I just need to try and push through it now. It’s not that it’s been too long since I was writing (finished a short story at the start of the month), but right now it feels like this struggle to write could become a serious problem with writing new stories. I can’t explain why I feel like that, it’s just a gut feeling that I need to snap out of this before it becomes a weight around my neck.

Right, I’ve got a couple other bits and pieces to get done tonight before I think about bed.

So, rock on folks! Have a good one!