I’m watching this film and I’m thinking it’s a proper kick-ass film.  I know that it had its critics and I can understand why a lot of people did not rate it highly but those little things are outweighed by all the good parts of the film.  Obviously its got some stunning visuals but for me it’s the planet of Pandora that I adore.  Just the richness of the culture that has been created by James Cameron and his team.  For a writer its great for inspiration because we rarely see an alien environment in main stream media like this.  It’s given me ideas on how to make an animal alien and a scale for the mech suits that are used in the movie.  Even the plant life of the planet has given me ideas.  It’s films like this that truly ignite the imagination and inspire us to create as alien and more alien worlds.  For this WIP that me and Owen are focusing on we have the opportunity to really et our imaginations and creativity explode with what ever we can create.  I know I have the odd seed of an idea and knowing Owen as I do no doubt he has an entire forest of ideas for different civilisations.  That’s more to talk about tomorrow when I see my writing partner.

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