Close Call: A Doris and Jemma Vadgeventure by Eloise March

Close Call is the story of Jemma, a twenty something young lady whose living the single life, searching for Mr.Right as well as deaing with being a bridesmaid at her horrid cousins wedding. As she’s dealing with these life challenges we see Jemma’s world from Jemma herself, but also from her vagina, Doris.

This is a really fun novella. It manages to deal with some real world issues, but also be highly humorous at the same time. The overall story is quite straight forward and I like that it’s not overloaded with pointless filler. It’s also a story that I think a lot of us can associate with, we all have friends who do daft things and family that we only tolerate because they are family.

The main characters of Jemma and her vagina, Doris, are really easy to like. Doris especially is really funny in her actions to try and protect Jemma from some bad decisions. Doris’ conversations with the other gentials around her give an interesting outlook, as do her thoughts about the other genitals around her.

I did see the reavel coming but I didn’t see how that reveal panned out, and I thought the ending was quite an honest one and it felt very real in that I could see it being how sensible people in real life would deal with it.

Close Call is one of the funnest reads I’ve had in some time. I’ve read books by Eloise March’s alter ego, Dionne Lister, so I knew this would be good, but as I didn’t have any real preconceptions I wasn’t expecting to find this book as much fun as I did.

It really is worth a read, so please check it out.

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