Where Is The Love???

In 2003 the Black Eyed Peas asked us this question ‘Where is the love?’  And I’m going to ask the same question here.  We are living in A world full of hate.  Whether its religion or football rivalry or even for someone in our social circle.  I used to think that I hated A couple of people but this week I’ve realised that I don’t hate them, I wont go into details but both wronged me but I am not naive to assume that there are people out there that do not hate me.  I know for a fact that some do, that’s to be expected in life though.  Why can’t we get past it though? In my social circle there are people the I’m not close with but that’s not because I dislike them, we just havent clicked.  I get along with them but am not close with them.

I’m also thinking of people’s hatred of things in our cultures.  I’m A Arsenal fan and some of the hatred that this brings out in people is rather surprising at times.  I suppose it’s because of the clubs success (granted not recent success).

We hate celebrities because they’re living extravagant lifestyles that we can only dream off.  We hate A footballer who leaves the club we can only dream of, or the footballer who refuses to play for his country because  he’s not first choice.  God forbid that A referee gives a decision against our team even if it’s the right one.  Sport fans never forget.

We hate someone because of the colour of their skin, their religion (dont worry I’m not going there) or their sexuality.  We hate them because they went to That school or because they have ginger hair.  We hate them because they are blonde, or brunette.  Because we think they are better looking or have had an easier life.  We hate them because they have the courage to make that leap and take a chance that we never could.  We hate their confidence or that they are cool and look laid back.

But we (me included) put too much thought into these hateful thoughts.  Yes I do not truly hate anybody and definitely no one that I don’t personally know but hatred and resentment is part of everyday life.  It is A huge, but disappointing part of being human.  Can we change this aspect of our genetics? No, because there is always a difference of opinion.  Politics, Religion, personality all create hate.  It can be drummed into us from birth or by A single action.  Love is the finest line of all.  Love can turn into hatred in A heartbeat, but hatred doesnt turn into love in A heartbeat.  This is backwards.  Hatred should not dominate our lives in the way that it does, Love should.

I’m trying to live my live without hatred, I’m fighting humanities nature.  Society expects the worse of people, lets change that 🙂

Well Done Manchester United


Just a quick post.

I am not a Manchester United fan at all, I am a proud Arsenal fan but I just needed to give a big well done to Manchester United for another title victory.  This is a team that can play ugly as well as beautiful.  Even when they play bad they play badly they still pull a result out of the hat.  This is something that Arsenal need to learn to accomplish, needless to say I am used to saying  “We’ll win it all next year”

Sir Alex Ferguson is someone i used to hate, but as I’ve matured I’ve come to appreciate just how good a manager he is.  He has rebuilt his team so many times and got the best out of some of the best players in the game. Giggs, Cantona, Scholes, Schmeichel, Vidic and so many more.  He seems to make even squad players feel like an essential part of the team.  Some say he’s bad-tempered, but I just think that he is passionate and committed to the club, and the game.  I can’t really recall a time where he made a massive mistake which has cost him or the club.  I believe that he said that selling Jaap Stam was a mistake but nothing else really comes to mind.  I’m sure that there will be people who can tell me other instances, but they are by far out weighed by his sheer achievements.  His Wikipedia page states that he has won 47 trophies which is a massive achievement, I’m a little curious if the rest of the managers in the Premiership combined.

I am looking forward to seeing United against Barcelona in the Champions League final.  I’ve said since before Barcelona beat Arsenal this season that whoever beats them will win the trophy and after seeing them against Real Madrid I still believe this.  Should be an interesting final.

congratulations to Manchester United for winning another championship, its well deserved and with how a few other teams are growing next season should be a good one.

One day, hopefully I will be writing a post about how well Arsenal have played in A season, and won something.


I’m going to have A bit of A rant here and say who does Cesc Fabregas think he is!  He could be an absolute legend for Arsenal but he just wants to go to Barcelona.  If they wanted him as much as they make out then they would have found the money to buy him last summer.  I keep hearing quotes attributed to him about how we need to start winning trophies and so forth but what has he done to aid that this season, the most memorable is giving the ball to Messi when we got knocked out of the champions league.  Start showing Arsenal fans what you are capable off and if you are going to go in the summer then have A little respect for the people who have been paying your rages and start performing on the pitch.  Arsenal molded you into A world-class player, maybe you should remember that.

(rant over)