Good Morning, 12th of July 2021

Good morning folks! Last night the England men’s football team played a 120 minutes and then penalties in our first final appearance since the year we won the World Cup in 1966. This wasn’t the World Cup but a European Championships and in the end it ended in heartbreak. I just want to take a mi it’s here to say how proud I am of our team. We stepped up at the time we needed to and going into the World Cup qualifiers I think we’ve got a lot to be excited for. I will just congratulate Italy on their win, but don’t get too comfy with that trophy, we’ll be coming back for it in 2024.

That’s enough about football. Yesterday was a low impact writing day. I’m not sure how today will play out writing wise. Although I slept lat night it took time for me to drop off and then I had a very unsettled nights sleep. So I’m feeling rather wiped out right now.

I would like to get a chapter edited on the vampire book, which feels a little daunting as I know the chapters from here on out only get bigger! But, I’ll see how I am after work.

I love driving in the rain (picture taken when I parked)!

21st of January 2019

No words today, but I’ve done a little editing on CS. This is one that I started in NaNo last year so I’d a little rough and I needed to refresh my memory of what I’ve done so far before continuing with the story. So not editing really, that’ll come later.

I’m going to start the red pen edit on PE3 on Thursday as I’m at the cinema tomorrow night and at a write-in in Wednesday. I don’t really want to start and then have a two day gap before I work on it again.

That’s a wrap for the day. I’ve done the day job, writer stuff and some reading. I’m calling that a win!

Good Afternoon, Sunday

So far I’ve had a pretty decent day’s work done. I’ve written 1789 on a story I started fresh today. It’s something that’s been floating around my mind and incorporates the prompt that Chrystalyn gave me. I’m liking the direction its going in, but want to think about the next step as I don’t want to do what I normally do and end up running into a dead end.

I’ve also gotten the Apollo universe short story I’ve written edited and it has now been sent off to Owen for his touch to it.

The rest of my day will be spent chilling out. I’d like to make this a bit of a habit for Sundays if I can. Work till mid afternoon and then chill out. That way I can still have a bit of decent rest while getting some work done too. But as normal with me I’ll play it by ear.


Good, Morning Wednesday

This week I haven’t gotten as much done as I’d have liked. THis is totally my fault as Monday night I got stuck into Football Manager a bit and when I did sit down to get some work done I realised that I needed more information on one of the species that Owen has created. Thankfully though, Owen had on Monday sent me a lot of information on this species that I’ve put straight into the Universe Bible that I am creating. After looking through some of these details though I realised I need to speak to Owen before a part in this chapter is written.

So I’ve bypassed this chapter and moved onto the next one which I think is going to be a lot of fun to write. In the first few words that I wrote during my lunch break yesterday I managed to get some good background details for a couple of our characters down.

Tonight I’m going to get stuck into an ARC of a book once I’ve finished my own writing because I’d like to get it read and my review written before the release date in May.

The reason I didn’t write last night was because I went to see the movie John Wick. If you’re thinking about seeing this movie then please do, it really is a fantastic movie that is quite violent but it has a bit of  a sense of humour to it as well as heart. It also introduces us to a world that I’d like to see more of. Keanu Reeves was fantastic in it as well.

Today’s Update – 19/4/2015

I had a very productive day today, I’ve added 4580 words to Project Apollo. I said added, and not written because about 1500 of those words were from an earlier draft. I have to go through some of those words that were copied over to the current draft to get it all lined up with the current draft. I don’t think it’ll take too much work, I think it’s just a case of sitting down when I’m fresh. This morning when I was looking at it I had already written 2400 words, so I think I was a little beat, having done that.

So, writing went well, but I got little else done. I spent much of the afternoon playing Football Manager 2015 instead of reading emails and writing blog posts. I know this game is a bit of a distraction but its not been as distracting as I thought it would be.

Back to writing though, I’m expecting a decent weeks work this coming week. I know I’m not on course to hit the 1st of June target, but I think I am catching up. 

Not Good Enough

Today my productivity level was not any where near acceptable. I got too easily distracted by Football on the TV and the game I brought last night, Football Manager 2015. I kinda knew this would happen today; new game so I needed to play it, but it didn’t consume my entire day. When I used to play earlier versions of this game I’d have played almost from waking till sleep on a Sunday, and although I played it a lot today I wasn’t on it all day.

To my lack of writing though; I got just over 400 words written but that did wrap up a chapter. It is a short chapter and that does worry me a little as something in my head is saying all chapters need to be a certain length. I don’t think that’s the case, I think as long as the chapter moves the story along then it really doesn’t matter if it’s three thousand words of even just three words, and it’s still the first draft. If we need to add details to the chapter then we can do so in the second draft. For now we just want to get a draft completed and with the amount of information we have worked out for this story I think the first draft will be a great starting point.

So, all in all not an especially good day. This week I’m going to work hard on getting that changed and getting back on track. I’ve got some catching up tp do if we’re going to hit either the 1st June target or the 1st July one.

Good Morning, Sunday

This week hasn’t been as productive as I’d have liked. In the sense that I havent written as much as I could have done. We have been busy at the dayjob and last night I brought Football Manager 2015, which is a game that will be a massive time suck for me but its the first time I’ve brought this latest vrsion of a game I used to love playing (at least five years). I am going to limit my time on it though. Writing is obviously a prioirty and I’m not going to let it distract me too much. I know that having just brought it I’ll be wanting to play it a fair bit but that won’t last long. That novelty will wear off and I’ll be able to limit how much I am playing it.

Back to the writing though. Owen and I FaceTime’d last night and we sorted out two of the major sticking points with Project Apollo that we were having trouble with and I’m eager to start implementing those changes. Thankfully neither of them are storylines or details that have been addressed yet.

I’m now working on the handwritten draft of Chapter 6 and I’ll hopefully have it done and off to Owen by the end of the week.

Now. I’m off to do some bits of housework and then its time to write.

Good Afternoon Sunday

This last week hasn’t been too bad when it comes to words written, a couple of thousand words or so at a guess (I have got the numbers somewhere, but not close to hand). I’ve dropped my rough daily word count target to 500 words a day. I think aiming for the 1000 words a day was a little too much for me. It’s all good and well doing NaNo once a year but I don’t think I’m quite ready to be doing that. 500 a day is very doable.

I’ve also felt a little more disciplined this last week while writing. I’ve been writing during my lunch breaks at work and then doing a bit more in the evenings. Writing longhand is slower for me but I’m enjoying the process a lot more this way (I am looking forward to getting this draft typed up once it’s done though).

Discipline is something I need to work on, I’m far too easily distracted (yes, mainly by the internet) but I’ve been trying to turn off a little more lately. One thing I have noticed; I get easily distracted when I’ve come to a part of the story which I get stuck with. Like today, I’ve come to a point in the story where I’m not really sure what to do next. So instead of scrolling through Facebook and Twitter I’ve decided to bore you all with this blog post 😀 But I’m also going to work on a little short story I’ve been thinking of writing. It’s one that takes place in the same universe as Project Apollo and will probably not be read by anyone other than Owen. Should be a fun story to write though 😉 

Now I’m off to watch a bit of football, and maybe get a start on this short story 🙂

Todays Work

I think this Sunday is going to be an odd one for what I manage to get done. I’ve got my Grandad  and my great aunt/Godmother coming over for dinner today. Dad and I will also take down an old shed that’s in our garden, where it currently stands is where we want to place a new henhouse, so it has to come down. I’m not expecting that to take too long though. We’re actually going to dismantle it as opposed to knock it down with sledge hammers.

I think it’ll be this evening that I get the bulk of my writing done though as I’ll be being social (okay come about 2:30 I may come upstairs and write whilst listening to the football 😉 ) But I’ll have my iPad downstairs with me and I’ll be able to get some plotting, outlining and brainstorming down whilst downstairs. I’ll probably do a little comic book reading too. I’m lucky in that I can multitask like that but I can’t write in those circumstances. I am still aiming for a 2000 word day as well as getting some outlining done for a novella I want to write in 2015.

That’s how my day is looking like it’s shaping up, and by the end of the day hopefully it’ll have been as productive as I’m hoping it will be.

Have a good Sunday everyone 🙂

Eased Off

These last two nights have been real slack off nights. Last night I watched Guardians of the Galaxy (still, an awesome movie!) and tonight I’ve watched a bit of football, but I did manage to get a couple of key points well outlined. I’ve also been working for half an hour or so in the mornings before work.

This outline is nearing 4000 words now, and I’m maybe about halfway through it. I’m not really sure if an outline is meant to be this long but I’m guessing it’s like writing in that each person has a way that works best for them.

Tomorrow night I’m going to try and crack on and get this outline done. I’ve had a couple of nights off (for the most part) so I want to get back in the saddle tomorrow.